1. How many transporters are on the Enterprise - D? A. 13
    B. 100
    C. 20
    D. 3

  2. What is the name for the planet Ventax 2's devil? A. Ardra
    B. Fek'lhr
    C. Argus
    D. Louis Cyphre

  3. What is the name of Spock's mother? A. Saavik
    B. Amanda
    C. Neela
    D. Helen

  4. What race attacked and destroyed the Federation colony on Delta Rama IV in 2366? A. Sheliak
    B. Klingons
    C. Democrats
    D. Husnock

  5. What was the rank of Roga Danar in the TNG episode The Hunted? A. Captain
    B. Subhadar
    C. DaiMon
    D. Foretopman

  6. Name the antagonist of an early 21st Century pulp novel written by Todd Matthews--named Hotel Royale. A. Mickey D
    B. Richard Castillo
    C. Billy Budd
    D. Cyrus Redblock

  7. How many years was Montgomery Scott in a transporter pattern buffer aboard the U.S.S. Jenolen before he was rescued in 2369? A. 100 years
    B. 75 years
    C. 2 years
    D. 70 years

  8. What is the name of Worf's human foster brother? A. Sergey Rozhenko
    B. Tom Elbrun
    C. Kurn
    D. Nikolai Rozhenko

  9. Mot was a[n] (fill in the blank) on board the U.S.S. Enterprise - D? A. barber
    B. crewman
    C. captain
    D. boatswain

  10. Reginald Barclay has a phobia of what? A. everything
    B. holodecks
    C. Deanna Troi
    D. traveling by transporters

  11. What ship was Benjamin Maxwell captain of? A. U.S.S. Excelsior
    B. U.S.S. Sutherland
    C. U.S.S. Phoenix
    D. U.S.S. Oberth

  12. Who is the mother of Sela? A. Toreth
    B. Tasha Yar
    C. Major Rakal
    D. Rachel Garrett

  13. Name the Klingon High Council Leader prior to Gowron. A. K'Vada
    B. K'mpec
    C. Kahless
    D. L'Kor

  14. What is Worf's favorite type of music? A. Klingon Opera
    B. Klingon Disco
    C. Bebop
    D. Rap

  15. What is William T. Riker's favorite type of music? A. Opera
    B. Ska
    C. Klingon Opera
    D. Jazz

  16. In the Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles, what is the name of the space station? A. Deep Space Seven
    B. Deep Space Nine
    C. Deep Space Station K-7
    D. Deep Space Station J-7

  17. In the Deep Space Nine episode The Visitor, what was the name of the female to which Jake told his story? A. Melanie
    B. Mary
    C. Margaret
    D. Marie

  18. How many times did the U.S.S. Enterprise - D seperate it's saucer section? A. 3
    B. Never
    C. 10
    D. 4

  19. What was the name of Spock's half-brother? A. Trent Reznor
    B. Sybok
    C. Horatio
    D. Sarak

  20. What is the name of the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise - B? A. Austin
    B. Decker
    C. Garrett
    D. Harriman

  21. Who is Kirk's only son whom was killed on planet Genesis? A. David Marcus
    B. Robert Kirk
    C. Venkman
    D. David Kirk

  22. Who is the high advisor of the cloud city Stratus in 2269? A. Mark Lenard
    B. Rom
    C. Plasus
    D. Rojan

  23. What is Rom's favorite "Human" drink? A. root beer
    B. vodka
    C. Dr. Pepper
    D. prune juice

  24. Who served as Grand Nagus in 2369 when Grand Nagus Zek apparently died? A. Eshka
    B. Rom
    C. Grand Nagus Zek's evil twin
    D. Quark

  25. What is Captain Janeway's favorite food? A. Katerian Eggs
    B. Anything Nelix cooks.
    C. Rabbit
    D. None of the Above

  26. What was the original name of Deep Space Nine? A. Empok Nor
    B. Torok Kor
    C. Torok Nor
    D. Death Star

  27. Who [what] was responsible for the removal of Q's powers in 2366? A. himself
    B. no one
    C. Q (Q2)
    D. energy field

  28. What is the name of the system in which Captan Picard and his crew first encountered the Borg? A. M-27
    B. J-25
    C. Wolf 359
    D. SQ: DSV

  29. What was the name of the punishment device worn by the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise? A. The Punisher
    B. The Antagonizer
    C. The Agonizer
    D. The Interrogator

  30. The only Klingon to survive in Star Trek III under the command of Druge was? A. Flint
    B. K'Lor
    C. K'Lloyd
    D. Maltz

  31. Name the Bajoran religious activist who attempted to assassinate Vedek Bareil at DS9 in 2369.? A. Neela
    B. Gav
    C. Shamrock
    D. Deela

  32. What species in Neelix? A. Klingon
    B. Tellarite
    C. Ferengi
    D. Talaxion

  33. Name Benjamin Sisko's wife who was killed on the U.S.S. Saratoga at Wolf 359? A. Mary Sisko
    B. Michelle Sisko
    C. Uhura Sisko
    D. Jennifer Sisko

  34. Who is Miles O'Brien's wife? A. Keiko O'Brien
    B. Jane O'Brien
    C. Wesley Crusher
    D. Molly O'Brien

  35. What was the name of the space probe that wiped out Uhura's memory in 2267? A. Nomad
    B. V'Ger
    C. R2-D2
    D. THX-1138

  36. What is Benjamin Sisko's favorite sport? A. basketball
    B. baseball
    C. anbo-jytsu
    D. darts

  37. What species is Dax? A. Vians
    B. Human
    C. Trill
    D. Klingon

  38. Who was the only survivor of the S.S. Columbia whin it crashed on planet Talos IV in 2236? A. Katherine Pulaski
    B. Klaa
    C. Vina
    D. Meribor

  39. What starship class is the Enterprise NCC-1701? A. Excelsior
    B. Constitution
    C. Ambassador
    D. Galaxy

  40. Who was the Captain of the Enterprise-C? A. Matt Decker
    B. Rachel Garrett
    C. Harriman
    D. James T. Kirk

  41. What is the real name of Quark's Mother? A. Moogie
    B. Armus
    C. Keldar
    D. Eshka

  42. What is Kirk's middle name? A. Thomas
    B. Tiberious
    C. Tom
    D. T.

  43. What was the name of Khan Noonien Singh's ship in TOS episode Space Seed? A. S.S. Botany Bay
    B. S.S. Bounty
    C. S.S. Acushnet
    D. S.S. Ricardo Montalban

  44. In the Voyager episode Death Wish, what was the name given to the "Q" that killed himself? A. Quint
    B. Bossk
    C. Jose
    D. Quinn

  45. How many tribbles infested Deep Space Station K-7 in the TOS episode The Trouble With Tribbles? A. 1,771,561
    B. 256,677
    C. 2 X 1011
    D. 1,692

  46. What year was Tasha Yar killed by the creature Armus? A. 2267
    B. 2001
    C. 2364
    D. 2369

  47. Who was the first Captain of the original Starship Enterprise? A. Christopher Pike
    B. James T. Kirk
    C. Robert T. April
    D. Richard Castillo

  48. How long is a Bajoran death chant? A. 2 hours
    B. 3 hours
    C. 20 minutes
    D. 1 hour

  49. What are the devices used by starfleet transporter systems to amplify a transporter signal? A. agonizers
    B. probes
    C. pattern enhancers
    D. transducers

  50. In Star Trek: First Contact, how long was Data tempted by the Borg Queen's offer? A. 0.68 seconds
    B. 1.27 seconds
    C. 1 minute 27 seconds
    D. He was never tempted.

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