CIS 86 NT 4.0 IIS 4
Instructor: Fred D’Amico

Phone: (916) 349-8028


Required Text: Microsoft Internet Information Server

Publisher: Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-0521-1
Additional Materials: Two 3.5-inch high-density (1.44-megabyte) diskettes.


  Course Schedule


 Day                Topic                           Class Time                             Room


 Friday             Lecture                        5:00 – 9:50                              Rm 150


                         Saturday         Lab                              8:00 – 12:50                            Rm  150


Units: 3 Credit units


Course Prerequisite: NT SERVER CIS 80, NT SERVER in the ENTERPRISE CIS 81 and TCP/IP CIS 84.


Course Description: This course covers the basics of setting up, organizing, securing and managing an Internet Information Server. Using Microsoft IIS 4.0 Server the student will participate in Lab building and managing the basic components of the Microsoft Internet Information Server.


Course Requirements/Assignments: The book is mandatory for this class because it contains the software required, since the license is exclusive to the owner you cannot legally share it. If you are caught with illegal software you will be dismissed from class. Attendance is essential to your success in this course. As this is a short-term course, we move quickly from one topic to the next. Class sessions are devoted to instruction of new material and review of previous topics. You are responsible for material covered in lectures, assignments, handouts, classroom activities and any changes in assignments. You are expected to take notes in class. Homework assignments are listed in the attached class outline.



Midterm and Final:  There will be a midterm and final exam all questions are based out of the material covered in the book and class. The midterm will cover chapters 1 through 8. The final exam is comprehensive.  There are 25 questions on the Midterm and 50 on the Final. There are 60 or so questions on my web site  navigate on the left to Test Prep Links then to 66 IIS questions. Yes your test will contain at least 75% of these questions and some from lecture.


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