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Thank you for stopping by - I hope that you enjoy your visit.  I have a great love for family history and want to share what I have with you. Please look around and see if there are any common ties to your family histories. If you find a common ancestor, and want additional information, please write to me by clicking on the letter below.

The information contained in all of these pages only reflects what I have in my personal computer database, and is not to be considered complete, nor 100% correct (I'm not perfect, ya know). I have endeavored to make sure that the information I have is as correct as it can be. I have obtained this information from various sources, to include The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints records (Ancestoral File), my immediate and extended family members. In this regard, I want to thank all of my family members who have contributed, in any way, for their generosity and kindness. It has helped immensely to the volume and completeness of the information in these various pages.

From are a couple of articles about "truth in genealogy", the Internet and making sure our facts are correct. 1) What Are We Going To Do About Bad Data on the Internet? 2) Thoughts on Correcting Bad Data on the Internet.


Most of these pages for my ancestors are still under various stages of construction, and so I'll be adding to them as I get further information. Be patient and come back often. Please be aware that what you see on your computer screen, especially the alignment of some of these sections, may not be the same as what I see on mine. I have a large screen (19") and I've tried to make things look presentable, but I've noticed on other people's monitors that it just doesn't look the same as how I've entered it in. So if you go to a page and it looks like I didn't know what I was doing when I made the page, that's why. (I hope that I knew what I was doing, anyway.)


My purpose in sharing the information contained in these various web pages is to help raise awareness of the rich heritage we all have in our families. I believe that through pictures and histories, we can see how we are inter-related and share in that heritage. 




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