John Sheckles

I would like to share with everyone, that I think Softcom tech support rocks. I had to call Sunday for intermittent connection issues. I shared with the support person over the phone what troubleshooting (cleaned temp internet files, booted computer, router, antenna) I had done before I made the call. Unlike other places I’ve called in the past, he heard what I told him. That said, he didn’t run through the troubleshooting script. He said he would look at a few things and call me back in 10-15 minutes. True to his word, he called back within that time frame, and said it sounds like an antenna alignment issue, and support would call me on Monday morning to set up a time for someone to come out. Long story short, Sean just left the house after resolving the issue on the roof. From call for problems to resolve was less than 24 hours, with a tech coming out to the house. Great job Softcom!!!

Additional information I will add for anyone looking for a great internet service. First, I’ve experienced over 99% connectivity, in that they have very little downtime. They also offer unlimited usage on a wireless service. I know many companies offer so-called “unlimited” service, however Softcom has a truly use-all-you-want policy, at great speeds day or night.

davidJohn Sheckles