Softcom is pleased to announce exciting new plans for existing and new customers.  With Softcom’s new Freedom plans, residential and business customers can now enjoy speeds up to 400 Mbps.

That is unprecedented speeds for those living and working in rural communities.  No other wireless internet provider in our coverage area can match that level of service. There may be claims that they can, but it’s just that, empty promises.  We can say with confidence knowing the type of equipment they are using and it’s capabilities, or lack thereof. With the new tower upgrades Softcom has made over the past two years, we can comfortably provide speeds up to 400 Mbps in a large portion of our coverage area and by mid 2023 we anticipate being able to deliver speeds up to 800 Mbps.

Call to speak with one of our specialists to find a package that will fit your needs.

FAQ - How Much Speed Do I Need?

The amount of internet speed you need depends on a couple key things:

  1. How many devices will be connected
  2. How you and/or your family plans on using the internet

Here is a quick guide to help determine your needs:

Up to 25 Mbps Download speed

Number of devices: 1-2
Usage: General web surfing, emails, social media, music streaming, standard video streaming

25-100 Mbps Download speed

Number of devices: 3-5
Usage: Simultaneous HD video streaming, online gaming, Netflix, FaceTime, Zoom calls

100 – 200 Mbps Download speed

Number of devices: 5-9
Usage: Simultaneous 4k video streaming, large file downloading, live streaming video

Greater than 200 Mbps

Number of devices: 10 or more
Usage: Should cover all of your household internet needs at blazing fast speeds

Pricing Plans for 4G LTE Service

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