Be aware of scam emails pretending to be from Softcom

A quick heads-up for our customers about an alarming trend we’ve seen recently. Hackers are continuing to target our customers with fraudulent emails which purport to be from Softcom in an attempt to get your account information. The most recent attempt came through as a clickable image which redirected you to a fraudulent web site which asks you to input your email address and password.

As a reminder, we’ll NEVER ask you for your account information in this manner.

If you did click on any of these fraudulent links and input your account information, please contact customer service at (800) 982-7675 as soon as possible so we can change your password.

softcom_avoidscamsAlso, please make sure you check the browser bar! The official Softcom webmail site will always have the proper address (see the photo here for examples from all major web browsers). They should all have a padlock icon indicating the site is secure and should always say “” — look carefully, as the hackers will try and use different spellings and other tricks to make a site which *looks* like ours, but isn’t.

We’ve heard reports that hackers attempt to “tailor” a scam site using the information which is publicly available from the IP address that is assigned to you (such as our name, Softcom Internet Communications) in an attempt to seem legitimate. Hackers are getting very sophisticated in their tools and methods to get your information. Always be on guard! We highly recommend you use a modern firewall + antivirus + malware defense system (such as Norton Internet Security) on your devices and keep the definitions up to date.

We’ve also heard of occasional phishing messages that say “Email Cancellation Request.” This did not come from us; please do not click on any links in the message and discard it immediately.

One other thing which is fairly common in scam attempts — but not always — is that the spelling / grammar is fairly poor. If you see something along those lines, you can probably assume it’s someone up to no good.

We are continuing to work with our mail partner to provide filtering against these sort of attempts. Again, please remember that we will never ask you for your account information via email. Check the browser bar if you have any suspicions. And, of course, to always feel free to call us to help you check it out.


Kristy CooperBe aware of scam emails pretending to be from Softcom

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