Softcom Privacy Policy

Softcom Internet Communications, Inc. (“Softcom”) is committed to preserving the privacy of its customers and protecting their personal data.

In order to provide the service, Softcom does need to collect and retain some CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information). This policy defines the scope of what CPNI is collected and how it is used.

Softcom keeps information about its customers such as names, billing and service addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, billing information, details about Softcom services used by the customer, and details about interactions with Softcom staff. All such information is considered private and is used for the purposes of providing the service, billing for the service, and troubleshooting the service except as provided below.

Softcom keeps logs of various technical information pertaining to customer connectivity. Softcom uses various proprietary tools and technologies to generate data which is used internally by technical staff at Softcom to make sure that we are delivering the highest quality service possible. The data that is generated by these tools and technologies are for internal use only by Softcom’s technical staff and not shared outside Softcom for any purpose except as provided below.

The only circumstances wherein Softcom will disclose any of the above-mentioned information to a third party are:

  • In the event that Softcom is served a valid legally-mandated request for customer information (such as, but not limited to, a subpoena, search warrant, government, judicial order, or other legal process), Softcom will respond to that request only within the scope of that request.