How To Buy The Best Webcam Without Breaking The Bank

Thinking of upgrading your webcam? If you rely on working from home, you may need something better than what came built into your computer. You don’t want to be “that guy” in the Zoom meeting, foggy and unfocused and your screen keeps freezing. These are the sort of distractions that can hurt your career.

We’ve put together a quick guide to choosing the best webcam for your budget.

Kristy CooperHow To Buy The Best Webcam Without Breaking The Bank
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Why Does Your Laptop Keep Overheating?

Ooften starts with the ominous sound of fans spinning, and the normally silent machine that holds your precious files, photos, bookmarks, and connection to the world suddenly seems to be struggling to exist. Curious, you finally pick it up and realize it’s quite warm, or even hot to the touch.

What’s going on when your laptop overheats?

Needless to say, your laptop isn’t working as well as it’s supposed to when it gets too hot and starts overheating. When this happens, the central processing unit (CPU) which acts as your computers brain, if you will and the chip that controls your machine’s graphics (GPU) trigger cooling mechanism so they don’t reach a temperature that causes a literal meltdown that can cause permanent damage to the chips.

Kristy CooperWhy Does Your Laptop Keep Overheating?
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Are QR Codes Tracking And Sharing Your Personal Data?

Wait, what? That’s right, QR codes are more than a convenient way to pull up a URL, they actually are able to transmit personal data like a phone number or email address, along with how often the user might be scanning the code in question. We thought it’d be beneficial to dive into how exactly QR codes work, and best practices for using them.

You’ve most likely ran into a QR code at a restaurant or bar, even as covid restrictions ease up. Coinbase infamously ran a Superbowl ad that was nothing more than a QR code changing colors and moving across the screen like a screensaver- and got so many hits they crashed their own app.

Kristy CooperAre QR Codes Tracking And Sharing Your Personal Data?
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Yes You DO Need To Find and Delete Your Unused Accounts Online

The internet has evolved quickly over the past few decades, and we’ve all created accounts to try new things at various points over the years. Yet most of us don’t necessarily bother to delete our old, unused accounts. I mean, it’s often because we simply got bored or don’t use the site or app anymore, so who’d think to go and delete it? But there are good reasons for doing so.

It may be a pain to audit old accounts you don’t use anymore, but ignoring and forgetting about them is actually a big security risk. Leaving your accounts open means if the website or app is hacked, the data breach can compromise your personal information, financial data, or private files.

So what do you do when you can’t even remember all the accounts you once signed up for?

There are a few resources to help you track down those random free trials your signed up for, random shop or coupons you gave your personal info to, or social media profiles you no longer use. Thankfully, as you’ll likely be surprised how many accounts are out there that you should really delete.

1. Identify unused accounts

The first step is to find and recover access to your unused accounts, so you can proceed to delete them. There’s a couple different places you’ll want to check, as account names and password storage has changed over the years.

Most modern web browsers now save your login information for websites and apps you’ve used, so you can quickly figure out what accounts you’ve set up in the past from their settings menu. Here’s where to look for this info in the different browsers:

  • Chrome browser, simply go to Settings, and then choose Passwords.
  • Edge browser, go to Settings, choose Profiles, and from there choose Passwords and then Saved Passwords.
  • Firefox browser, go to Preferences, choose Privacy & Security, and then choose Saved Logins.
  • Safari browser, go to Preferences and then choose Passwords.

Similarly, if you’ve used a password manager in the past, you can login and identify which sites you’ve sign up for and need to delete.

You may still have accounts you created with your Apple ID, Facebook, Google, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, and since you sign in with those sites, any related accounts may not show up in your browser or password manager. Here’s how to check for accounts you may have created with this method:

  • To check for accounts created with your Apple ID: using your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, choose Password & Security, and then choose Apps Using Your Apple ID.
  • Facebook: sign into Facebook and go to Settings, then choose the Apps and Websites option.
  • Google: go to then click Security, and check both Third-party apps with account access and Signing in to other sites.
  • Instagram: sign into Instagram and go to Settings, then choose Security, and click on Apps & Websites.
  • Twitter: sign into Twitter and go to Settings and privacy, click on Account and choose Apps and Sessions, then choose Connected Apps.

2. Recover forgotten passwords so you can sign back in

Now that you’ve identified the accounts you’ve created on various apps and websites, you’ll want to recover passwords as needed so you can sign in and delete them. Don’t worry, you’re almost done! If the password wasn’t saved on the browser or in the password manager, you’ll have the option to recover your username and password so you can log back in on the login page. If for some reason this isn’t an option, you’ll have to contact the company directly.

3. Finally, delete the old accounts

You’re almost done! You should be able to easily delete most accounts by finding the settings menu, and looking under the Account, Profile, or Privacy menus. If you can’t find the option to delete the account, try looking though their FAQ or contacting support.

If you’re still having a hard time deleting your account, sometimes a Google search for “How do I delete my (website or app name) account?” can help.

If you still can’t figure out how to delete the account, contact the company directly or via social media. Sometimes a little social media attention is all it takes to get a response.

For more tips on keeping your private information secure, check out the Online Security section of our blog And for any questions about your Softcom account security or help with passwords give us a call at (800) 982-7675 or 1 (888) 4-SOFTCOM, we’re here to help.

Kristy CooperYes You DO Need To Find and Delete Your Unused Accounts Online
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You Don’t Need To Sign A Contract To Get The Best Internet Service

When you offer the best service options, you don’t need to trap your customers with a contract that requires a law degree to figure out how to get out of. You respect their freedom to choose. No contracts are needed with Softcom; we don’t see it as necessary because we confidently stand behind our service and have invested and reinvested significant resources to ensure that the equipment we use in our service offerings is state of the art. We also offer an incomparable level of customer care which others do not.

You do have choices – so why choose Softcom?

We’ve laid it out here with reasons why Softcom stands out from other internet service providers for the best wireless internet service in our area. Let’s dive in.

State of the art network

Softcom has invested more than $3,000,000 into our network in the past two years. Our network is built using best-in-class equipment from the recognized market leaders in fixed wireless and networking technologies, including Ericsson, Cambium, Cisco, Juniper, and Arista. We’re proud to offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps download in many locations in our service area.

Kristy CooperYou Don’t Need To Sign A Contract To Get The Best Internet Service
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Are Your Kids Outsmarting Your Parental Controls?

It’s the struggle that repeats generation after generation. Parents set the rules, only for kids to accept the challenge and find a way to work around them. Perhaps this is the dynamic that drives evolution and technological advancement – which is exactly what can give them an edge in this day and age, as kids often are more familiar with new tech than their parents, and have the time to figure out workarounds to any parental restrictions you might set up.

Of course the content you choose to restrict is up to you, but we put together some tips to help you ensure the content you decide to block from specific apps or services is done effectively.

1. Apple iOS Parental Controls

Apple’s Screen Time tool allows you to restrict adult content, prevent unauthorized purchases, and even set time limits for the device or specific apps. Considering 87% of teens use iPhones or iPads, this may be the primary tool you need.

Kristy CooperAre Your Kids Outsmarting Your Parental Controls?
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3 Simple Tips For Healthier Tech Habits

We’re here with some health habits that don’t require counting calories (go ahead, have that Danish!). When it comes to the technology in your life, establishing healthy habits will help you save time and consciously choose how much technology you use throughout your day.

Technology has become such a standard part of our lives, we often forget that we need to find a healthy balance with positive use habits. No one’s asking you to give up modern conveniences, it’s more about not getting sucked into doom-scrolling the news and avoiding technology fatigue.

1. Peace of mind with two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a simple and easy way to have peace of mind over your online security. No one thinks a hack will ever happen to them, but like with most things, prevention is so much better than trying to clean up the mess if disaster happens.

Kristy Cooper3 Simple Tips For Healthier Tech Habits
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What You Should Know About Choosing The Best Wi-fi Router For Softcom Internet Service

Your Wi-Fi router is the invisible glue that holds your smart home together. Wi-Fi routers have come a long way in the past few years or so, but not many people really know what a Wi-Fi router is or why the router you choose matters. We thought we’d put together a quick overview, as choosing the best Wi-Fi router has become all the more important for keeping us online and connected throughout the ongoing pandemic.

Kristy CooperWhat You Should Know About Choosing The Best Wi-fi Router For Softcom Internet Service
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How to use the internet to manage mental health

You may have heard how the internet and social media can affect our mental health, but the connotation is usually negative. While making sure we stay conscious of where our attention goes and what we consume is a good idea, we can also utilize the many resources technology offers to benefit and help us manage our mental health for the better. That’s right, there’s an app for that too. Read on for ideas on how to use the internet to manage mental health.

Kristy CooperHow to use the internet to manage mental health
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Simple and secure ways to share your Wi-Fi password with guests

We easily take Wi-Fi access for granted these days. Until we’re no longer connected, that is. Part of being a good host when you have guests is making sure your guests can connect to your Wi-Fi and their digital lives remain uninterrupted. Or perhaps you got a sweet new smart device and need to connect it to your home network.

Either way, we’ve all rolled our eyes the moment that we realize we have no idea what our Wi-Fi password is or where to find it. Maybe your gut sank. Might have even shed a tear, anticipating the upcoming frustration. Been there. But there’s a better way, and we’ll show you how.

Kristy CooperSimple and secure ways to share your Wi-Fi password with guests
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