Hello, Softcom community! It’s Scott Martin here with a little story that speaks volumes about the quality of internet service.
Recently, a former customer who had switched to a low-cost provider returned to Softcom. Their experience? Good service during the week, but frustratingly slow speeds on weekends, especially during peak hours. This is a common issue with many internet providers, where bandwidth limitations at communication towers lead to reduced speeds during high-usage periods.

Why Does This Happen?

In rural areas, many providers face a challenge: delivering consistent high-speed internet during peak usage times. This often results in slow service, impacting everything from streaming your favorite shows on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to online gaming and even remote work.
Softcom’s Advantage

At Softcom, we’ve structured our network differently. Our densely populated communication towers allow us to deliver up to 10 Gig of bandwidth, far surpassing the typical 1 Gig limit at many other providers’ towers. This means even during the busiest times, like Thursday night football streaming on Amazon Prime, our customers enjoy consistent, high-speed internet.

Remember our record-breaking night during the 49ers game streamed on Amazon Prime? That wasn’t just about football; it was a testament to our network’s strength and reliability. During this high bandwidth event, Softcom’s network was only at 40% capacity while other low-cost providers were maxed out, which greatly impacts the internet experience of their customers.

The Softcom Difference

Our returning customer’s story highlights the importance of choosing an internet provider that not only offers competitive rates but also prioritizes network quality and customer satisfaction. At Softcom, we’re dedicated to delivering the fastest rural internet speeds in California, ensuring our customers never have to compromise on their digital lifestyle.

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