Living in a rural area doesn’t mean you have to compromise on internet speed or value. With Softcom, you can experience the power of urban connectivity right in the comfort of your countryside home. Join the ranks of satisfied customers enjoying the fastest rural internet speeds in California:

Step 1: Connect with Softcom

Discover the Freedom 400 plan, offering speeds of up to 400 Mbps—the fastest in rural California. As the only local provider in our coverage area, we’re committed to exceptional service and value. Contact our team to learn about the Freedom 400 plan’s benefits, including our local presence and unmatched speeds.

Step 2: Sign Up and Schedule Your Onsite Speed Analysis

Ready to upgrade? Sign up for the Freedom 400 plan, and we’ll schedule a professional speed analysis at your property—a $150 value, ensuring you receive the best service tailored to your location.

Step 3: Professional Speed Analysis for Optimal Connection

Our technician will perform a detailed speed analysis to identify the strongest connection point and the maximum speeds available to you. We’ll discuss the results with you, empowering you to make an informed decision about your installation. We aim to make this onsite visit as effortless and pain-free as possible, typically completing the process within two hours.

Step 4: Zero Upfront Installation Cost

Choose to proceed after the speed analysis, and we’ll install your plan with no upfront cost, saving you up to $450 depending on your selected speed plan.

Step 5: Honest Service, Guaranteed

You’ll only be charged for the speeds we deliver. Opt for Freedom 400 but only get 200 Mbps? You’ll pay for Freedom 200 instead. Not fully satisfied? Our 6 Week Internet Challenge means you can get a full refund. No long-term contracts, no hassle.

Who Benefits from Softcom’s Freedom 400 Plan?

  • Businesses: Support your operations with high-speed internet, whether you’re a multimillion-dollar corporation or a local startup.
  • Remote Workers: Ensure your work from home is efficient, whether you’re in sales, state work, executive roles, or education.
  • Digital Enthusiasts: Gamers, streamers, and tech aficionados, prepare for an online experience that keeps up with your pace.
  • Families: Connect multiple devices at home for uninterrupted learning and entertainment.

Ready to revolutionize your internet experience? Say hello to the speed you deserve!

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