Hey Softcom family and friends! It’s Scott Martin. Over my 30-year journey in the internet industry, I’ve marveled at its transformative power. Remember when some of us thought email and the internet were just passing trends? Or when letting go of our BlackBerry phones felt impossible? I was an early adopter of the internet age, but I’ve also approached certain technological shifts with caution. This industry has taught me its dynamic nature: you might miss one wave, but another is always on the horizon. Right now, that wave is Artificial Intelligence (AI). If AI is new to you, I hope this post sheds some light on its potential and its challenges.

A disturbing trend is emerging: the rise of AI-generated child sexual abuse material (CSAM). It’s startling how AI can twist innocent photos of our children into explicit content.

Key Takeaways:

Think Before Posting: Before sharing children’s photos on public platforms, remember that innocent images can be maliciously altered. My daughter, Bailey, who many of you might recognize as the “face of Softcom” from our earlier ads, has always been enthusiastic about her online presence. But as a parent, I’ve had to be vigilant.
Educate Your Kids: Talk to your children about online safety. Knowledge is their best defense.
Use AI Safeguards: Employ AI-powered tools to filter out harmful content, ensuring a safer online journey.
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My decades in the internet world have given me unique insights, but I always encourage further exploration and consultation with child online safety experts. I’ve navigated these waters with Bailey and have seen her balance her online and offline worlds with grace. Today, she’s a thriving professional nurse in Austin, Texas. I couldn’t be more proud. At Softcom, our mission goes beyond providing stellar internet; we aim to foster an informed community. Let’s work together to make the digital realm safer for everyone.

If this post resonated with you, please share. Together, with knowledge and awareness, we can make a positive impact. Stay informed, safe, and connected!

Warm regards,
Scott Martin
Vice President of Softcom