Why The Importance of Reliable Internet for Home and Business Security Systems

Hey there, I’m Scott Martin, Vice President of Softcom. Having been in the internet industry for nearly 30 years, I’ve got a tale to tell…

A Recent Concern: Just last week, a concerned resident in our community reached out to us. She had invested in a security system to protect her home, only to find it frequently disrupted due to an unreliable internet connection. Despite being with a major provider, her security system’s effectiveness was compromised, leaving her feeling vulnerable.

The Rising Crime Rates: To add to the urgency, crime rates, especially home invasions and business “snatch and grabs,” have been on the rise in California. According to a recent report by CalMatters, robberies in the state jumped by 10.2%. These alarming statistics underscore the importance of having a functional security system, which these days heavily depends on a reliable internet connection.

Ensuring a Reliable Connection:

  1. Fiber Providers: If you’re in an urban area and have access to a fiber provider, that’s your best bet. Fiber offers the most consistent and fastest speeds, ensuring that your security systems remain online and effective.
  2. Land-Based Fixed Wireless Providers: For those in rural areas, providers like Softcom offer “Fiber-Class connections” with speeds up to 400 Mbps. We pride ourselves on delivering the fastest internet speeds in our coverage area. Beyond speed, reliability is paramount. With Softcom, our redundancy with both AT&T & Comcast as backbone providers ensures that even in the event of a fiber cut, our service remains uninterrupted. This dual-backbone approach has saved our customers from outages multiple times this year. For those in the Galt area with Comcast, AT&T, or Verizon as their internet provider, you know which outages I’m talking about. They disrupted productivity and family time; they lasted way too long.
  3. Satellite Providers: While satellite providers can cover vast areas, they often come with limitations like data caps, throttling, and higher latency.

Personal Experience: I recently installed eufy Security eufyCam 3 4-Cam Kit at my residence. These cameras come with an integrated solar system, ensuring they remain powered without frequent battery changes. Additionally, the home-based storage feature allows users to store their data locally, providing an added layer of security for those more private and wary of cloud storage. The system also uses AI technology. I’m three months in and pretty happy with the results.

Proactive Communication: It’s essential to maintain open communication with your internet service provider. If you notice inconsistencies in your connection, especially if it’s affecting critical systems like security, reach out immediately. A proactive approach can often prevent more significant issues down the line. And for those of you who aren’t satisfied with your internet service, here’s my email address. scott@corp.softcom.net If you’re an existing Softcom customer, I’ll make sure our technical team addresses your problems and comes up with a solution. If you’re new to Softcom and just want more information to make an informed decision, feel free to reach out. I’ll make myself available or put you in contact with a team member that can answer your questions and concerns.

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