Hey everyone! A local business owner and IT consultant in Walnut Grove reached out to show us how fast their internet is now. This is because of some recent tower upgrades we did at Softcom. Check out their speed test!

Download Speed: 82.40 Mbps | Upload Speed: 22.50 Mbps

To our Softcom customers: If your internet doesn’t seem faster, let us know. Our professional technicians can troubleshoot your connection so you get the best speeds possible.

If you’re new to Softcom: We provide great internet to those living in rural communities. Want fast and trustworthy internet? Join us at Softcom!

We’ve made our service even better in places like Galt, Acampo, Wilton, Herald, and Lodi. We can now deliver speeds up to 400 Mbps which is ideal for businesses, remote workers, digital enthusiasts, and families with multiple devices in their home. We’ve been helping the community with excellent internet for over 25 years and will keep working to make it better.

Remember, faster and more reliable internet is just a call away. Let’s make the most of this digital age together!
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