How technology can help make a better wine

It takes a perfect synergy of elements to make a great wine. The right kind of soil, perfect weather conditions, healthy grapes and a productive harvest are all part of the process. While winemaking has been around for centuries, and vintners still depend on many traditional methods to make a great wine, technology is making inroads into vineyards and proving its value in helping to make a better wine.

Here in California’s Central Valley, and in vineyards around the world, innovative technology such as drones, wireless sensors and automated systems are helping vineyards improve their harvest and their wines.

Drones fitted with visual and multispectral sensors are being used to monitor and collect information to monitor the health of vineyards. Farmers without the time or resources to manage hundreds or even thousands of acres of vines can use drones to identify problems and address them much more efficiently.

Local companies like Drone Photos and national ones like PrecisionHawk offer aerial photos, video and technology solutions for the agriculture industry that include:

  • Aerial photos and videos
  • Building, planting and construction analysis
  • Plant counting and yield prediction
  • Assessing and monitor plant health throughout the season
  • Drought stress monitoring to optimize water usage

In addition to drones, technologies wireless sensors, automatic irrigation timers, feeding systems and moisture control systems are also used to support a better harvest.

High-speed internet for remote vineyards and farms

What do all of these have in common? The need for a strong, secure, and speedy wireless connection. Information is gathered, stored and monitored in a central database that needs to be accessible for everyone from the farmhouse to the corporate offices. Timers and feeding systems must have the ability to be adjusted remotely as needed. Drones project their readings to a central system that then analyzes and shares the information throughout the company.

In many areas throughout the country, vineyards, farms and other industries located in rural settings have been held back by a lack of access to speedy, secure internet access. But here in Central California, Softcom is proud to offer high speed internet access and work with wine makers and vineyards in Lodi, Galt, Acampo and throughout the area including:


This list is just the beginning and a good example of how we don’t just talk about working with rural businesses – we’re the real deal. Softcom has the experience and tools necessary to help rural businesses get speedy, stable internet connections. And our local service and support team means that if there’s ever a problem, we’re always nearby and ready to help. To learn more about Softcom’s custom solutions for vineyards, farms and the agriculture industry, give us a call at 800-982-7675.