As we see the Stars and Stripes, flying from our 125′ Lift Truck, lit by the fireworks in the night sky, we’re reminded of the courage, sacrifice, and spirit that built this nation.

For nearly 30 years, Softcom has been proud to be part of this American journey, providing high-speed internet to our rural communities, connecting people, and empowering dreams. We’ve seen firsthand how our services have brought people together, bridged distances, and fostered unity.
Today, we’re not just celebrating a day. We’re celebrating the American spirit – the freedom to dream, to explore, to innovate, and to connect without boundaries or limitations.

In a time when our nation seems divided, let’s remember the values that unite us. Freedom, the freedom to be our best selves, and privacy. These are not just American values, they are human values. They are the bedrock of our society.

So, as the fireworks explode in a symphony of light and color, let’s remember and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy. Let’s celebrate the opportunities we have and the connections we’ve made.

And let’s stand together, united in our diversity, committed to upholding the values that make our nation great.

Happy Independence Day, America! Here’s to freedom, here’s to unity, here’s to you, and here’s to 30 years of Softcom!

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