Wireless networks are at the heart of practically every business these days, no matter how big or small. Every person who walks through your door – employee or customer – will need to use the internet at some point, and if your Wifi setup isn’t reliable enough, fast enough or secure enough, you risk negative repercussions. Lost revenue, damaged reputation, frustrated customers, and missed opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg if your Wifi isn’t doing its job.

Every business needs a WiFi setup that’s reliable, fast, and secure. However, getting there is often easier said than done. Every business is unique, which means every business Wifi must be set up correctly to meet those unique needs. A large vineyard operating across thousands of acres with multiple offices and locations needs an entirely different configuration than a small chain of family-owned restaurants. Other scenarios can include financial organizations with multiple branches and high security requirements versus home-based offices working from remote locations.

Custom Wifi systems for businesses

Designing, building, installing and managing custom Wifi networks is something we provide here at Softcom. We take the time to meet with each customer to learn more about their business, assess their requirements, and understand how they use Wifi to support their business.

Some businesses are cloud-based, requiring higher upload speeds, stability and security. Others operate on large properties and with multiple locations. We can customize Point to Point plans to meet each business’ requirements and set up systems with routers and access points strategically places for maximum signal strength and efficiency.

After setting up your Wifi network, our experienced technicians will also help with what comes after, helping to set up phones, VOIP, static IPs, computers, desktops, etc. We’ll see the job through and make sure everything is seamlessly operating as it should.

Business Wifi network maintenance

Setting up a custom Wifi network is important, but so is the maintenance of those systems. Stable Wifi that your business and your customers can count on is also a high priority. Once we’ve set up your custom Wifi network, we provide priority access for technical support both during normal business hours and after hours. We realize that many businesses operate 24/7 and depend on their Wifi around the clock, and we’ll be there to support you whenever you need it.

The world is changing fast. What used to be considered “nice to have” for running a business is now a requirement.  Social media, cloud computing, communications, marketing and advertising, financial transactions, human resources, and practically everything that it takes to run a growing and profitable business is connect to the internet. We can help you make sure your connection is strong, stable and exactly what you need it to be.