If you’re one of the many people excited for the new Disney Plus streaming app (aka Disney+), but disappointed with slowness or even unable to connect, you’re not alone. The new streaming service officially launched last month, but server issues and security concerns are causing many viewers to call it “Disney minus.”

In a streaming world where Netflix and Hulu still lead the charge with quick, easy streaming service, the launch of a new streaming app backed by a digital powerhouse like Disney has been eagerly anticipated by everyone from Frozen fans to Star Wars devotees. More than 10 million people subscribed to Disney Plus in its first day online, eagerly anticipating access to more than 500 movies and 7,500 TV shows.

But when launch day came around people were treated to screens filled with error messages, lagging connections, and an inability to connect at all. Executives blamed everything from high demand to coding errors and inadequate preparation for issues like this, leaving viewers with a not very Disney-like feeling.

Here at Softcom we’ve been hearing from customers wondering why they are having trouble accessing the new Disney Plus app. We wish we could help, but if you are having issues only with the Disney Plus app, the solution likely lies with the issues Disney Plus is still working out.

One quick option when this happens is to check our Facebook page or Twitter feed. We post frequent updates and notifications in both places announcing disruptions to service and what we’re doing to address them. Be sure to speak up and let us know what you’re experiencing by leaving comments or replies, it helps us to know what you’re experiencing.

Slow speeds and dropped connections can happen for a variety of reasons, though. While we do everything we can to assure that our customers at Softcom get fast and stable service, other factors might be at work. That’s why we put together an easy checklist to consult when slow internet speeds get you down: “Slow Internet: Here’s What to Do.” And please don’t hesitate to reach out to our service professionals at (800)982-7675, Option 1, we’re here to help!