Softcom customer Elisa recently shared her story of why she left Softcom – and then returned just 3 weeks later. Life on a rural farm had its perks, but reliable internet access wasn’t one of them – at first.

“We started out with dialup in the early years and it was like getting email by donkey back then. Life on a farm these days does require internet access. I get my news online, stream Netflix, even take online exams or do work for classes I’m taking, all requiring reliable internet connections. I was watching TV one day and noticed an ad by HughesNet, which promised super-fast speed Internet for rural communities. I called them and they promised speeds of 25 mbps for the same price as I was paying Softcom, so I signed up.”

Those promises of super-fast speeds quickly fell short.

“It worked great – for the first 10 minutes. Then I was on the phone with their customer service almost every single day for the next 3 weeks. They showed me how to do speed tests at home so I was able to see that the speed promised was never the actual speed that I got. There were times when the Internet speed was below 1.0 mbps. There were also times when I couldn’t get on the Internet at all. It was quite frustrating. After giving them several weeks to improve the situation, they were unfortunately unable to do so, and I was tired of calling them every day for help.”

This is a story we hear time and again from customers who switch back to our service after thinking they could get a better deal elsewhere.  It’s important to know the details of what you’re signing up for.  With many providers, your internet speeds are slowed to a crawl after as little as 10 gigabytes per billing cycle – that’s about 3 hours of streaming HD video.  This figure doesn’t even take into account anything else you might do with your connection, like buying and playing video games, updating the software on your smartphone, or doing cloud backups of your most important pictures and documents.

“So here I am back at Softcom. The customer service and tech teams have been very helpful during the whole process, both when I left for Hughes and when I came back. I have never been without Internet service while a Softcom customer. I am happy to be back, and I look forward to a good, long friendship!”

We’re happy to have you back, too, Elisa!  We want you and all of our customers to know that we are continually upgrading our network and adding tower sites to provide stronger, faster internet you can depend on without worrying about going over some arbitrary data cap. Doing so requires a huge investment of both time and money, and we promise we are working as diligently as possible to bring faster speeds to our customers just as soon as we can.