We’re excited to share with you some exciting news: The Galt City Council has unanimously approved for Softcom to provide the City of Galt government with high-speed Internet access delivered by fiber-optic cable, a project that will provide nearly every city facility with significant improvements in their Internet access.

Fiber-optic cable is the industry standard for providing the fastest and most reliable Internet connection across the last mile — the section of the network connected to homes and businesses. Fiber provides the highest possible Internet speeds and data capacity, without having to rebuild new networks in the future once initial cable has been installed.

The project, planned to start in the next few weeks and be finished by the end of summer, involves the installation of fiber-optic cable on Industrial Drive leading from Softcom’s headquarters to the municipal service center. Benefits of this project extend well beyond improving the speed and reliability of internet connectivity to the City of Galt. The new system will be supported by a company headquartered in Galt, literally just down the street, as well as boosting Galt’s economy by using local contractors and workers to get the job done.

“We’re committed to playing a greater role in the delivery of high-speed internet access to the businesses and residents of Galt and the surrounding communities,” said Kevin Triplett, our President and CEO. “We’ve made a lot of investments in our wireless network, and we are continuing to upgrade our wireless network with cutting-edge 4G LTE technology.  Last year we installed fiber-optic cable to each suite in our office complex; this project is the next logical step forward in providing cutting-edge technology for the community we live and work in.”

This project means a lot to us, and to the community, providing a stepping stone for building out even more fiber-optic networks throughout the City of Galt, allowing residents and businesses to have the fastest internet access available for the foreseeable future.