For many of the people who have made the decision to cut the cord and ditch their pay TV services and turn to streaming services, one of the pitfalls they were forced to accept was that it wasn’t easy to be able to continue watching the large-scale events that were typically exclusively televised via the major networks and pay TV companies. In many instances, pay TV companies keep content which is being shown for free over the air behind lock and key to prevent non-subscribers from accessing events like the Olympic Games and 2016 Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Until now, that is!

Today, cordcutters have a multitude of options for watching live events like the Presidential Debates – for free! In fact, they have access to not only the main event, but so much more than previous generations, as they access social media channels and multiple streaming services that share every aspect of big news events like this week’s debate; from setup to wrap-up to everyone sharing their opinion.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube streamed the debates live. And subscription-based services also stepped up to share the news with the masses, including those who don’t subscribe to their services. For instance, Roku, Sling TV and Apple TV offered free previews that coincided with the first presidential debate – so everyone, not just their subscribers, could watch live.

One caveat about streaming video is that it can be very bandwidth hungry. Watching streaming video using an internet service provider that relies on cheap and ineffective equipment will most likely cause stuttering, buffering, and loads of frustration.

But not with Softcom. Our 4G LTE high-speed internet services guarantee that you’ll have the power and the speed necessary to join in with millions of viewers and experience history-making events like these in real time as they happen, without having to deal with dropped connections, annoying lags, and endless spinning wheels on your screen. If you missed the first debate, and want to make sure you can join in on the remaining debates and live-stream the rest of the Trump-Clinton matchups, give us a call at 1-800-982-7675. We’re here for you, no matter which side you’re rooting for!