If reliable internet is a priority, then finding the best provider and services near you should be too. If you live in Galt or communities throughout Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties area, we’ve got you covered. If you’re from outside our service area, though, and want to find the best options for you, here’s some tips.

When people want to find an internet service provider for rural areas located nearby they often sit down at the computer and type in the search “internet service provider near me” or “rural internet services near me.” That’s a good place to start and likely to get you a list of results in your area. But narrowing it down even more is essential.

The next thing you need to do to find the best provider to fit your needs is to focus your search even more. Some people try to do this by searching for “best rural internet service for me” or “best internet provider for me.” That’s OK, and you might even get some good results worth looking into, but there are more steps to be taken after that using the power of your mind and not Google.

Start by looking at what you use internet for in your life. Do you have a home office? Does your home have smart technology that requires internet connectivity? Maybe your family does some pretty heavy streaming or gaming.

These days fast, strong and reliable are what you want for internet service. In the past, rural communities were often overlooked by big-corporate internet providers and had little to no access to reliable, high-speed internet. Not anymore! By just searching for “best internet service provider near me” you’re bound to find at least a few choices.

Once you have a short list of providers to choose from, take a look at three more things to narrow it down even further: Pricing/fees, data caps, and customer service.

Take a look at how they set up their service plans, and what their fee structures are like. Are the plans clear and easy to understand? Do they include below the line fees, those sneaky charges that are typically tacked on to bills and significantly increase the amount you owe each month.  Things like “Regulatory Recovery Fee”, “Property Tax Allotment Surcharge”, and so on.  These can add up to $15.00 per month to your bill on top of what you’re already paying! Here at Softcom we don’t play those games with our customers. The price that is advertised is the price you pay per month, period.

Data caps are important to look into, especially for businesses or families that anticipate heavy use of the internet. Data caps are limits on the amount of data you can use over your Internet connection. When an Internet user hits that limit, different network operators or service providers engage in different actions, including slowing down data speeds, charging overage fees, and even disconnecting a subscriber. (With Softcom, we don’t use data caps, so you can be confident that you can use your internet service how you want without having to worry about being slowed down or owing a bunch of extra money at the end of the month.)

Customer service is the final element for choosing the best internet service provider near you.  Many ISPs try to save money by outsourcing support operations overseas, we don’t do that here. All our employees live here in the Sacramento area and work out of our Galt facility. Whether you call us, drop by the offices, or are visited by our techs on-site, you’ll work with people who know you and know the community.

Follow our suggestions for finding the best rural internet service near you and you’re much closer to getting the best service at the best price for the high-speed internet you want. Give us a call at (800) 982-7675 or ask us a question on our Facebook page, we’re here to help!