Everyone loves to clear out the clutter when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Here’s a new take on that: Make sure you’ve got internet service that isn’t a mess by using our checklist to identify what it takes to make sure you’ve got the very best.

Understand your data needs

Activities like streaming, video conferencing and gaming will need a higher level of service than someone who just uses their computers for email and online shopping. If you have a home office or multiple devices that will all be online at once, this can also affect the level of service. Understanding this and discussing it with an experienced customer service representative will elevate your online experience asap. To learn more about connection speeds and choosing the right plan, read “What internet speed do I need.

A closer look at “unlimited” plans

There’s a trend in the market today of big-name carriers offering “unlimited” data plans that sound great, but don’t really deliver on their promise. Looking closer at unlimited offers, you’ll often see that while data may be unlimited, speeds are not guaranteed. These so-called “unlimited” plans are filled with a lot of asterisks and if/when scenarios that affect quality of your service. Only a certain amount of data per month is guaranteed to be delivered at 4G LTE speeds.  As of March 1, 2017, Verizon / AT&T caps it at 22 gigabytes; T-Mobile at 28 gigabytes. After you go over your 4G LTE cap, you are eligible to be “de-prioritized” for the remainder of your billing cycle and your connection reduced to “3G speeds.” Depending on how much streaming or data-consuming work you do from your home or office, this could result in a week or two of streamlined internet speeds at the top of your billing cycle, followed by weeks of frustratingly slower connectivity.

Softcom stands out from the crowd by offering REAL unlimited data for its customers. No data caps, no overage charges, no annoying fees or hidden restrictions. Use as much as you want, we won’t stop you, and we definitely won’t charge you!

No data caps

These are limits on the amount of data you can use over your Internet connection. When an Internet user hits that limit, other internet service providers engage in actions such as slowing down data speeds, charging overage fees, and even disconnecting subscribers. With Softcom, you can be confident that our unlimited service means you can use your internet service how you want without having to worry about being slowed down, cut off, or owing a bunch of extra money at the end of the month.

No below the line fees

What are below the line fees? They are the sneaky charges that are typically tacked on to your bills which can significantly increase the amount you owe each month. Things like “Regulatory Recovery Fee,” “Property Tax Allotment Surcharge,” and so on. These can add $15 or more per month to your bill on top of what you’re already paying. Softcom doesn’t play those games.  The price that is advertised is the price you pay per month.  Period.

Open contracts

Are you locked into multi-year contracts with lots of options you don’t want? Softcom offers a hassle-free 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If our services don’t fit your needs, no problem, won’t lock you into a contract for something you don’t want.

Installation & tech support

There are definitely benefits to having our headquarters and operations based centrally where we provide our services. No long waits – in fact, most new customer installations and on-site services are scheduled within a week of inquiry. Need help? Just give us a call. Software fixes and upgrades are often accomplished remotely, within minutes, and without appointments.

Our technicians and customer service team are people from your own community who understand just what you need and how it affects your life. Whether you call us, drop by the offices, or are visited by our techs on-site, you’ll work with people who take the time to understand your unique needs, and suggest and set up the best options to maximize your experience.

Customer service

While other internet service providers try to save money by outsourcing support operations overseas, Softcom doesn’t do that. All our employees live here in the Sacramento area and work out of our Galt facility. Whether you call us, drop by the offices, or are visited by our techs on-site, you’ll work with people who know you and know the community. Today, tomorrow and into the future, we remain focused on our commitment to provide you the best service at the best price for the high-speed internet you deserve.

Rural community coverage

Large telecom companies are notorious for overlooking rural communities and the people who live and work in them when it comes to providing expanding areas of coverage and a commitment to meeting their internet service needs. Aging equipment, outdated software and slow response to a rapidly-changing industry equals less-than-stellar service for their customers. Personal experience and commitment to our community are the foundation of our company, and expansion and improvement are a constant here at Softcom. Our blog and social media announce new expansions and upgrades throughout the year and we remain focused on providing our customers with the latest technology and best possible services.

The one question you must ask

Bottom line, one of the best questions to ask before committing to an internet service provider is: Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee, and will they refund your service and allow you to leave without penalty if the service isn’t compatible with what you need? Here at Softcom, we offer high-speed internet service for rural communities that gives them everything they need and nothing they don’t. If you’re not sure which carrier, or plan, is right for you, we can help. Give one of our customer service professionals a call and learn more about how Softcom can get you connected with the world.