We’re a few months into 2020 – how are your resolutions holding up? If you need some help with self-improvement goals this year, we’ve rounded up a list of the top tech, apps, and ideas that are great for helping you stick to your goals all year long.


Much more than movie trailers and music videos, YouTube contains a vast variety of channels that can be used for education and self-development. Whether you’re interested in inspiration, motivation or education, there’s something for everything. Here’s a few to get you started:

TEDx Talks: From social change to social media, TED Talks cover just about everything. You can find a vast range of videos about self-help on this international YouTube channel. The presenters sprinkle personal anecdotes into every lesson to ground their teachings in reality.

Be Inspired: This channel features a wide range of inspirational talks, aimed to motivate viewers into action. Check out videos like Never Lazy Again, Start Your Day Right, and Winner’s Mindset for a sampling of what they offer.

Thomas Frank: Among other things, this YouTube channel shares videos about study techniques, habit tracking, and productive routines – everything you need for positive change.


A virtual corkboard for just about anything you are interested in, Pinterest is a great way to search, gather and compile information or inspiration for everything from aromatherapy to fitness training to eco-aware living. Check out there to get a taste of everything Pinterest has to offer:

MindBodyGreen: Their tagline is “Connecting Soul & Science” and they do that well with pins for topics such as functional food, wellness, relationships, planet, parenthood, aging and recovery. The sky is the limit.

Positively Positive: Need a boost in your outlook, confidence or daily affirmations? This Pinterest board has it all, from quick quotes to in-depth videos as well as books, music and other ideas for self-improvement.


Lifehack: With lots of free online classes, as well as in-depth paid, you can learn and grow at your own pace with titles such as “Activate Your Motivation,” “Spark Your Learning Genius,” and “No More Procrastination.”

Lumosity: Free and paid versions of online games that improve memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving.

Udemy: An online learning website that allows you to learn new skills through video training and downloads. Boasting the largest collection of online video courses to be had (over 100,000 and growing), you can find easy, accessible training from experts in their fields for just about everything here.


Stress less, be happy, get healthy and sleep soundly – these are some of the top goals for pretty much everyone, everywhere. Apps such as these are great for helping you reach that Zen zone you’re seeking:

Headspace: Guided meditations

Calm: Meditation and sleep app

Stepz: Track your steps and your fitness progress

My Fitness Pal: A variety of health and fitness Apps can be found through this organization, from trackers to trainers to daily food diaries and more.