We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at Softcom for the last few months integrating cutting-edge Ericsson LTE equipment into our network that we are confident will be game-changing when it comes to internet service, coverage, speed and reliability for our customers and community.

Ericsson is recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of information and communication technology for service providers. Their technology and services are trusted by our nation’s top telecommunications companies and valued for their consistent success in a fully connected world. During the last few months here at Softcom, we have been working diligently to thoroughly test and integrate the equipment necessary to deploy Ericsson equipment, investing in our technology and in our ability to remain one of the best rural internet service providers in Galt, Herald, Wilton, Acampo, the River Delta, and the surrounding communities.

After extensive field and beta testing, approximately 50 customers have been “soft launched” as part of our first deployment. We’ve seen incredible improvements and are very excited to continuing rolling out to the rest of our customers network-wide.

As some of the benefits of this rollout, current Softcom customers will see more consistent internet access speeds on their existing packages. We’ll be able to offer upgrades to existing customers to higher speed plans, and we will begin testing and rolling out even higher speed plans to upgrade to – all with unlimited data and no speed throttling.  Customers who are located on the edges of our current coverage areas will experience stronger signal strength and more reliable connections. And towers that were at capacity will now be able to serve more customers in the area.

The Elliot Tower is the first of our Softcom towers that is being tested and deployed, with others to follow soon. We will keep you up-to-date on our progress and let you know when we begin upgrading each tower with the new equipment. Watch our website or social media for more updates.