[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]We’re excited to announce some big moves we’re making bringing improved internet services to the Delta region. Our technicians have been working hard replacing existing WiMAX equipment with upgraded next-generation 4G LTE. This is a game changer for the region, bringing improved internet for current Softcom subscribers, and opening the door for others who have been told they are too remote for internet access – until now!

Our mission of providing high-speed internet where others fail to go fits perfectly with the Delta region, a unique region composed of thousands of miles of waterways and one of the most productive farming areas in the United States. Remote is a way of life, and people who live and work in the Delta have become used to falling under the radar when it comes to internet access. There are people who live aboard their boats and others who spend their days working in farms or vineyards, choosing to commute a considerable distance or set down roots in the Delta, loving the peace and beauty of the region.

No matter where you choose to live or work, here at Softcom we believe that everyone deserves fast, reliable internet service, no matter if you’re on a boat, on a tractor, or enjoying a slower pace of life that comes from being far away from the city. We have the experience, infrastructure, and technology to help people of the Delta get the internet access they deserve, without having to drive miles and miles to find a signal or pay sky-high fees for sporadic, weak access.

A complete upgrade to our equipment on the Transtower is the first step we’ve taken to improve our service in the Delta Region, specifically in the areas of Walnut Grove, Thornton, Courtland & Isleton. And we’re going to keep rolling out new technology and equipment every chance we get to make sure we keep our customer connected.

“This upgrade to our Delta region towers is a big step in our commitment to providing internet access to those who have struggled to find good service,” said Kevin Triplett, Softcom President and CEO.  “We’re excited to announce these upgrades knowing that it will allow us to offer better, stronger and faster service to our existing customers and open the door for those who have not been able to get it before.”