New towers, technology, and service areas coming in 2017

Here at Softcom we’re kind of obsessed with finding ways to make our network better, faster and stronger than ever. For our customers, that’s a good thing. We’ve been providing network service since 1994, back in the days of dial-up internet. Remember that annoying sound? It took years to get that out of our heads! Since those days we’ve remained dedicated to our customers and community, always seeking out new ways to get them connected with new towers and technology, even when they live in areas that other companies won’t go. Twenty-two years later and counting, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve built, and still on the path to make it even greater.

In our latest triumph in technology, we’ve been rolling out new towers and technology over the last year (with even more scheduled for 2017) that allow us to offer 4G LTE. The new service offers extremely high speed service for video, VOIP, and general internet surfing. Now, when our customers ask us, “Can I use Softcom to replace my expensive satellite TV service?” the answer is Yes! Binge Netflix, stream the Superbowl, let your kids watch their favorite shows, the world online is yours with 4G LTE.

We’ve been working with Telrad, one of the industry’s most radically innovative providers of LTE telecom solutions in the world, to roll out the best in high-speed 4G LTE internet services and expand our coverage areas. This new network can blast through trees and cover even more area than ever throughout Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties, letting us offer higher speed packages that will support high-bandwidth applications, no matter how remote your home or office may be.






In 2016, we continued to grow our 4G LTE coverage area and added several additional towers to expand our coverage areas and improve the service that is delivered to our customers. For 2017 we’ll be continuing to deploy 4G LTE service on our towers, add additional tower sites to expand and improve coverage, and upgrade the infrastructure that we use to provide you with the quality service that you expect. Check out the map to see where we’ll be. And be sure to follow us on our Facebook page to be the first to know when we expand services in new areas.

To learn more about our company, our technology, and how we’re leading the charge to provide better, faster and stronger service for all, check out this video on our YouTube channel.

Kristy CooperNew towers, technology, and service areas coming in 2017

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