Social distancing and stay at home guidelines have created a new normal that many find themselves still adjusting to. We’re closing in on a month now and some people are probably still figuring out how it all should work. If you find yourself stressed out, overwhelmed, or even hiding in the bathroom with your laptop trying to get some work done, we’ve got a few tips to help you survive these unchartered times.

#1 Structure Your Day

If you thought working from home was easy, you thought wrong. Taking the time to structure your days is the best path toward productivity – for both you and your family. Have everyone in the family set a routine to follow during each day and stick to it as closely as possible. Block out set times during the day for work, exercise, education, and entertainment. Many people use to-do lists at work to keep them on track, but the new “stay at home” lifestyle needs structure, too, so it will take a new style of to-do list to keep track of it all and help you stay focused and productive.

#2 Use the Internet to Stay Fit and Positive

Between stay at home guidelines and working from home, it’s most likely that your internet use has gone through the roof. Instead of streaming the entire Netflix library, use the internet to your advantage. Find new recipes and try out new crafting ideas. Download exercise workouts for yourself or the whole family to do together. Watch educational videos or sign up for online classes to learn and develop new skills.

#3 Stay Social

Just because we’re social distancing, doesn’t mean we can’t be social. Many video conferencing services are offering free access for a limited time to help people stay connected. Take advantage of technology to reach out and connect face-to-face with everyone from grandma and grandpa to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. If you are new to video conferencing, check out FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype to start with.

#4 Stay Connected with Softcom

We remain focused on providing the very best in service to our community and COVID-19 has only sharpened our resolve to be a partner and a friend in helping our customers stay connected with work, school, friends, family and the world. If you want to sign up for internet service, adjust your current internet service, or have any other questions or issues, our customer service teams are here for you at (800) 982-7675.