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Transform Your Internet Experience in Rural Areas

At Softcom, we’re not just providing internet; we’re enhancing lifestyles. For over 30 years, we’ve been committed to eliminating the digital divide, ensuring that every member of our rural community has access to high-speed, reliable internet. Today, we’re proud to introduce a revolutionary service that defies traditional limitations and brings urban-speed internet to your rural doorstep.

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Why Join Our Waiting List?

  1. Breakthrough Connectivity: Say goodbye to the constraints of dense forests and hilly terrains. Our advanced technology now delivers speeds up to 200 Mbps directly to your home, regardless of natural barriers, within a 6-mile radius of our Galt Network Operation Center.
  2. Community First: Your connection is more than just internet; it’s a gateway to opportunities. By joining our waiting list, you’re not just upgrading your service; you’re contributing to a larger movement that empowers our entire community with unparalleled digital access.
  3. Unmatched Value: We believe in providing exceptional service without hidden costs. This upgrade comes at no additional charge for existing customers and with no installation fees for new subscribers. Experience the best in rural internet, on us.
  4. Transparent and Direct: We value honesty and clarity. From the moment you sign up to the day of installation, we’ll keep you informed and engaged, ensuring a seamless transition to better, faster internet.
Don’t let your location limit your digital access. Join our waiting list today and be part of the revolution that’s bringing reliable, high-speed internet to every corner of our community. With Softcom, you’re not just getting faster internet; you’re getting a partner committed to your satisfaction and success.

Thank you for choosing Softcom, where we’re transforming rural connectivity, one connection at a time.