Your internet does a lot more than stream television and check email. With an internet connection you have the capability to access high-quality, high-tech resources for everything from health and fitness to organization to self-improvement. Apps and other online resources allow you to access information, training and support for education and development beyond what you could do for yourself. In this article we’re sharing resources you can access for learning ways to be more efficient, effective and organized for life, business and beyond.

Top Organization Apps to Use

  • EVERNOTE: projects, notes, to-do lists, and saved items from the Internet are all synced on Evernote, allowing you access on any of your devices. Ideas including sketches, text, audio recordings, videos, and PDFs are organized into notebooks, and you can even use your smartphone camera to scan documents.
  • REMEMBER THE MILK: Create smart to-do lists on Remember the Milk and receive reminders via email, IM, text, Twitter, or mobile notifications. You can prioritize and organize your tasks by due dates, tags, or importance and assign tasks to others. Gmail, Twitter, Google Calendar, Evernote, and other services are integrated and all your information is synced to your devices.

Top Organization Podcasts to Follow

  • PRODUCTIVITY PARADOX is a weekly podcast that provides actionable strategies and exercises to help create a life centered around personal priorities. Tonya Dalton, CEO of Inkwell Press, is a leading expert in harnessing productivity and streamlining systems for business and personal life.
  • THE 5 AM MIRACLE podcast is all about “dominating your day before breakfast” by developing powerful early morning habits and rituals. Host Jeff Sanders credits this approach as being the key to his own personal success as a marathon runner, entrepreneur and healthy vegan.

Top Organization Videos to Follow

  • CLUTTERBUGS: ClutterBug offers organizing tips, tricks and advice each and every week! Join me as I show you how to get rid of clutter, learn how to organize your home and simplify your life! Want easy DIY Pinterest worthy tips on a small budget? You’re in the right place!
  • HOME ORGANIZING BY ALEJANDRA: Alejandra Costello is a professional organizing expert you might have seen on Good Morning America or HGTV, and has a YouTube channel with nearly 1 million subscribers and millions of views. She shares home organizing tips, advice on decluttering your house, organizing product reviews, & organization ideas for controlling the clutter.

Top Organization Social Media Accounts to Follow

  • (Pinterest) THE CONTAINER STORE: With over 7 million monthly views, you can see that the Container Store leads the pack when it comes to ways to corral your clutter and organize your home. Follow at
  • (Instagram) I HEART ORGANIZING: For Jen Jones, the simplest material can have a huge impact. Find out how she uses cupcake liners and cereal boxes to keep her space ultra- neat. Follow her @iheartorganizing.
  • (Instagram) THE NEAT METHOD: Offers inspiration for arranging pantries, drawers, closets, and more. Follow them @neatmethod.