Smart homes are nothing new, but one spot where people often forget that technology can help is the garage. Smart garages can offer improved security, help you avoid accidents, and even find those little things that always get lost. We’ve rounded up a list of 4 ways you can combine the benefits of wireless internet access and Bluetooth technology to “smart up” your garage here.

#1 Smart Garage Door Opener

Have you ever left home only to panic because you can’t remember if you closed the garage door? That’s where a smart garage door opener can save the day. Smart garage door openers are easy to install and control, and they offer benefits in both convenience and security. There are a variety of smart garage door openers that can be installed – from entire new systems to attaching something to your current opener – so check with your local company and ask for alternatives before making up your mind. One established brand is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener system that allows you to control the door from an app on your phone, and see the history of when the door was opened and closed recently.

#2 Laser Parking System

If you have a tennis ball hanging from a string in your garage, it’s time to update your tech. Devices such as the ones from Chamberlain, Maxsa, Fosmon, or GoodChief connect to your garage door opener and uses built-in lasers that will project a line you can see to guide you as you’re parking.

#3 Bluetooth Trackers

Ever lose something in your garage like an extension cord, tools, or favorite beach chair? Depending on how organized your garage is, you can waste hours digging around to find what you need. That’s where Bluetooth tagging devices come in handy. Small stickers that can be attached to pretty much anything allow you to find them through an app installed on your phone. All you need to do is stick the device to the item you want to track, and then use the app to either pinpoint the location or activate a small alarm sound. Two of the most popular brands that provide this technology are Tile Trackers and Apple Airtags.

#4 Garage Theater System

Post-pandemic many people’s garages were converted into combination spaces that included offices, exercise or just space for the kids to hang out. If you’ve done something similar and are now parking your cars outside, consider adding tech such as home theater sound and projection devices. Wireless projectors allow you to stream everything from video calls to the latest movies from your phone or tablet and onto a wall or large screen. Add a few Bluetooth wireless speakers and you’ve got an impressive man-cave, home office or kid zone.