Wireless internet service that goes above and beyond

Loved Toy Story? There’s something we share in common with Buzz Lightyear… a love of going to infinity and beyond for our customers. But seriously, our commitment to exceptional service often takes us well beyond the norm. In an industry where it’s common to be on hold for over 30 minutes, take weeks to schedule on-sight customer service, get a blank look when asking about customized solutions, or work with the same technician more than once, here’s how we stand out:

THE BEST SET UP – NO MATTER WHAT: Sometimes installing a new wireless network can mean going into some pretty out-of-the-way places for running cabling or places routers. Our fearless technicians boldly shimmy through crawlspaces, tiptoe through attics and install our equipment in the best possible locations, no matter where they are. And if the job calls for more than one person, you get as many as you need to make sure it’s done right.

THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB: When our technicians are on-sight, they are always carrying the right equipment for the job. This most often comes up when installing on rooftops, as different materials (such as tile vs. metal vs. composition) require specialized tools to preserve the integrity of the roof. This also includes ladders and even bucket trucks if the occasion calls for it.

WE’LL BE HONEST – REALLY: If our professional team runs into a situation where they are unable to install service, they’ll take the time to explain exactly why and you’ll be fully refunded. If it’s an issue on our end, or we’re potentially upgrading or updating a tower or essential equipment in the near future, we’ll keep you in the loop and give you a call when service is available.

WE’RE SUPER SPEEDY: There are definitely benefits to having our headquarters and operations based centrally where we provide our services. No long waits – in fact, most new customer installations and on-site services are scheduled within a week of inquiry. And software fixes and upgrades can often be accomplished remotely, within minutes, and without an appointment.

WE CUSTOMIZE: We live and work in very diverse area when it comes to geography and types of businesses. That’s why designing, building, installing and managing custom Wifi networks is our specialty. Every business is unique, which means every business Wifi must be set up correctly to meet those unique needs. A large vineyard operating across thousands of acres with multiple offices and locations needs an entirely different configuration than a small chain of family-owned restaurants.

WE GET CREATIVE: Speaking of customizing, we also love meeting the challenge of providing wireless internet solutions for special events. Events like the recent Galt Chamber of Commerce Hot Air Balloon Festival required some creative thinking, but we rose to the occasion!

WE’VE GOT JESSIE – and Blake, Shawn, Dan, Maribel, Maria, and the rest of the team. Our technicians and customer service team are people from your own community who live and work locally. No overseas calls. No long waits on hold listening to mind-numbing elevator tunes. Just real people you can call by name who take the time to listen, identify, and find the best solutions for what you need.

Kristy CooperWireless internet service that goes above and beyond

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