The 5G technology debate: Is it safe?

People are still talking a lot about the rollout of 5G technology around the world, and how it can affect us here in the U.S. Much debate is about the safety of using Chinese technology and how many watchdog agencies are reporting possible backdoor issues that would allow illegal spying through the technology if using Chinese-sources products.

The promise of what 5G technology can bring is fun to think about, including data speeds of up to 100 times faster than current connections that tech futurists say could support things like internet-connected sensors, vehicles, appliances, and devices that can perform functions yet unimagined. But the alarms being raised about invasion of privacy and backdoor spying are also concerning. It will be interesting to see how the technology grows for 5G over time, but for now it’s just something to watch and keep an eye on.

Kristy CooperThe 5G technology debate: Is it safe?
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What the shutdown of 3G internet means for you

When AT&T announced that they would be shutting down 3G, and Verizon followed suit soon after, a lot of customers panicked. Many people with older devices that work on 3G technology wondered if they were going to be left without access. Due to the outcry, both companies have slowed down their timetables, but 3G will still be phased out as newer and faster 4G and 5G become the standard. As Softcom customers, we wanted you to understand what this is about and how it might affect you.

What is 3G Technology?

According to national statistics, only around 5% of phone users still rely on a 3G connection. 3G, which first arrived in the early 2000s, refers to the “third generation” of wireless mobile telecommunications technologies. Much of what we recognize as the modern cell phone network was built on 3G technology.

Kristy CooperWhat the shutdown of 3G internet means for you
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