Elevate Your Internet with Softcom Smart Routers

We have some exciting news! We’re happy to introduce the Softcom Smart Router, now available to all Softcom customers. These cutting-edge routers have been developed with the end goal of making our customers’ experience better, faster, stronger, and with an increased ability to control key issues for both home and business users.

If you love the idea of easy device management, robust parental controls, streamlined troubleshooting and advanced customization options, this is what you’re looking for.

Smart Routers are available to Softcom customers for a low monthly rental fee of $10.00. For customers that wish to set up a mesh network, it will be $5.00 per month per device (a minimum of 2 devices).

Click on the link below to access more details about our Smart Routers and learn about things like: parental controls, easy-to-use apps that give you full control of all devices, mesh network capabilities for customers with multiple devices and large homes or businesses, and streamlined troubleshooting.

Softcom Smart Routers

Current Softcom customers and new users can speak to our customer service team, get more information, and sign up by following the directions below.

  1. Contact Customer Service at (800)982-7675, option 3.
  2. Let us know you’re interested in renting a Softcom Smart Router
  3. We’ll have our technicians configure your new router and give you a call when it’s ready for pick up.
  4. Forgot how to hook everything back up? Not to worry, Technical Support will be available Mon-Fri, 9am-9am and Sat/Sun, 12-6pm to walk you through set up.


Kristy CooperElevate Your Internet with Softcom Smart Routers

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