You’ve got choices – why choose Softcom? We’ve laid it out here with reasons why Softcom stands out from other internet service providers for the best wireless internet service in our area.

Installation & Service

When you call other companies to set up installation and service, you often have to wait two or more weeks before you can get on their calendar. Not with Softcom. Our headquarters and base of operations is based centrally where we provide our services. No long waits – in fact, most new customer installations and on-site services are scheduled within less than a week of inquiry.

Contracts & Fine Print

The devil is in the details, so the saying goes, and the fine print is often where you’ll find the details that set one company apart from another. When it comes to Softcom, here are some of our differences:

  • Softcom does not lock you into long-term contracts. We provide service on a month-to-month basis.
  • No sneaky rate increases. Other companies offer too-good-to-be-true startup rates that then increase dramatically after a specified period.
  • No auto-renewal tricks. Long-term contracts with other companies usually include an auto-renewal clause. Customers are expected to call within the last 30 days of the year to stop the auto-renewal. If they don’t, they are locked in for another year.

Early Termination Fees (ETFs)

Since you’re not locked into a contract with us, we don’t charge early termination fees. Other companies can charge up to several hundred dollars if you decide to leave your contract early. We don’t do that.

Education & Communication

Our blog and social media keep you up-to-date and in-the-know when it comes to current events, new technology, best practices and all the things you need to use the internet for home, business, work and play.

Customer Service

Clear communication and excellent customer service should be a priority for all companies, but unfortunately that’s not the norm. While other internet service providers try to save money by outsourcing support operations overseas, Softcom doesn’t do that. All our employees live here in the Sacramento area and work out of our Galt facility. Whether you call us, drop by the offices, or are visited by our techs on-site, you’ll work with people who know you and know the community. No overseas calls. No long waits on hold listening to mind-numbing elevator tunes. Just real people you can call by name who take the time to listen, identify, and find the best solutions for what you need.

Data Limitations

When it comes to “unlimited” plans, there are a lot of limitations not shared up front by other companies. Their data may be unlimited, but speeds are not guaranteed. If you look at the fine print of your agreement, you might see that only a certain amount of data per month is guaranteed to be delivered at 4G LTE speeds. When you exceed your cap, you are eligible to be downgraded for the remainder of your billing cycle.

Softcom offers true unlimited data plans at guaranteed 4G LTE speeds for the duration of your service.

Leasing equipment

Softcom does not require you to rent our own equipment and then charge you extra fees for using it, a practice that is common for larger national companies. You have the choice to either rent a Softcom Smart Router from us or purchase one of your own. When we install for your service, we will help you set up whichever you choose.

Customized Solutions

Softcom customers live and work in very diverse areas when it comes to geography and types of businesses. That’s why designing, building, installing and managing custom Wifi networks is our specialty. Every business is unique, which means every business Wifi must be set up correctly to meet those unique needs. A large vineyard operating across thousands of acres with multiple offices and locations needs an entirely different configuration than a small chain of family-owned restaurants.

If you want to know more about Softcom, or are a current customer and have questions about new local providers and how they compare, we are happy to help. Call our customer service experts at (800) 982-7675 or 1-(888)-4-SOFTCOM. Our technicians and support staff are people from our own community here in Galt, California and the surrounding area.