We’ve got great news, especially if you’re one of the many people who are dependent on an internet connection for work, school, shopping and staying in touch from home. New towers are currently being installed in the Elk Grove, Wilton and Galt areas that will provide stronger connections and increased access for rural homes, ranches and businesses.

New internet towers in Wilton, Elk Grove and Galt

WILTON / MONTEVIDEO TOWER: The Wilton area was previously serviced by a 70-ft tower installed on top of a barn in a central location. The new tower is 100-feet tall and free-standing in a new location that will allow for greater reach and reception. The new internet service tower was assembled over a period of 2 days, using 3 people, a lift truck, and specialty equipment to get the job done and is projected to be live by the 4th quarter.

ELK GROVE TOWER: This new tower will be installed in the Half Way area and is expected to be up and running by the end of the year.

GALT TOWER:  The newest addition to our roster, the Colony tower will increase service strength and reach throughout the greater area.

If you live in these areas and would like to know more, you can call our local customer service team at (800) 982-7675, Opt. 2. Depending on the status of the new tower installation, they can schedule an install, place you on a follow up list, and provide all the information you need about our high-speed internet access services.


  • Increased ability to serve more customers: residential, business and commercial
  • Residents and businesses who were previously outside our coverage areas may now be able to receive service
  • Upgraded equipment for stronger, more stable connectivity
  • If current customers in the Wilton and Montevideo area have experienced issues with service in the past, this new tower will provide stronger signals for a more stable connection

This addition of these new towers means that Softcom now has more than 30 towers deployed throughout our community helping connect customers from Elk Grove to Stockton to Galt and all the neighboring rural communities throughout.

We are continually adding new towers, updating hardware on current ones, and expanding our service areas to provide rural communities of Central California with internet access they deserve. Our ability to provide strong and speedy internet connections is about much more than just towers and techies, though. We’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes that helps us stand out from the crowd. From in-person customer service with people who feel like family, to no-tricks contracts and super-speedy installation, we go the extra mile to give our customers the very best.

We don’t lock you into contracts that force you to pay for services you don’t need. And we won’t make you suffer slow speeds if you use a lot of bandwidth. Here at Softcom, we don’t play word games – unlimited means unlimited! To learn more about Softcom and what we offer, see The Overlooked Advantages of Softcom Internet Service.

For questions about any of our internet access services, our internet service plans for rural communities, or to see if you are now within our coverage area due to the installation of these new towers, please give our support team a call at (800) 982-7675, Opt. 2. We’re here to help you stay connected.