Softcom announces new upgrades to Kettleman Tower

We’re pleased to announce a series of new upgrades on the Kettleman Tower, one of the Softcom facilities that serve our customers in the region encompassing the south part of Clements and the north part of Linden. A full-size lattice tower has been constructed near the existing structure which will allow us to upgrade our equipment at that site, paving the way for higher connection speeds and 4G LTE connectivity. Service to our current customers should not be affected during this transition, which is expected to be finished by the end of July.

We are continually looking for ways to add or improve our equipment and services in order to provide the best in service, connectivity and speed for our customers as we continue to reinvest into our network. Our team has been working on completely upgrading nearly every piece of equipment at our Kettleman site to make sure our customers have the best online experience possible. 

Upgrading the Kettleman tower is just one more step in a continuing process we anticipate to continue throughout 2017 and beyond. We believe that rural internet customers shouldn’t have to put up with slow DSL from telephone companies that want out of the landline business and are perfectly content to let their copper facilities decay or data capped service from the big cellular carriers. This announcement proves our ongoing and unwavering commitment to provide fast, reliable, and affordable internet service for rural areas in Central California including Galt, Herald, Clements, Acampo, Wilton, Linden, Lodi, Lockeford, Walnut Grove, and their surrounding communities.

“This upgrade shows our commitment to continually expand and improve our network for the people and businesses we serve,” said Brian Meredith, Softcom Chief Technology Officer.  “We’re pleased to announce these upgrades knowing that it will allow us to offer better service to our existing customers and offer service to those we have not been able to reach yet.”

If you live the Clements or Linden area, have questions, or would like to inquire about Softcom internet services, please give us a call at (800) 982-7675. We’re here to help!

Kristy CooperSoftcom announces new upgrades to Kettleman Tower

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