Game-changing innovations in technology are moving us toward a future life much like the Jetsons. In fact, in many ways, we’re already ahead of that fun futuristic cartoon we all enjoyed as kids. Between Alexa, Roomba, self-driving cars and virtual reality personal trainers, today’s modern world is looking sleeker and more high-tech than George Jetson could ever imagine.

If you’re wondering what’s on the horizon for new technology, we’ve rounded up a few advances we think look pretty cool for 2020 and beyond.

All about outer space

Aerospace technologies have been keeping things low key the last few years, but experts are predicting mankind will return its focus to the stars in 2020, mainly driven by advances in the private sector. Companies you’ve probably heard of, such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, are making big advances as they develop rocketships and plans for using them to take people to the stars and back.

Creativity gets a boost

Art and technology may not seem like they would make a good mix, but creative tech experts are developing technology inspired by old-school sketch pads, watercolors and art tools that will give artists tools and resources to access their inner artist anytime, anyplace and without having to tote around a big bag of supplies. Some tech to watch include Sketchboard Pro, an attachment for iPads that enhances ability for free-flowing drawing; Art Ed PRO’s Digital Animation pack is great for keeping kids interested in art by giving them the technology to bring their artwork to life by animating it; and 3-D Pens give students the ability to take 2-D designs and transform them into 3-D creations.

Evolution of healthcare

Prevention has become a big theme of technology advancements, as seen by the massive popularity of advances like 23andMe for predicting and preventing genetic-related health issues. Companies are developing technologies that take similar genome analysis further for predicting diseases well before they happen. Experts say that advances using AI will also improve the quality of future treatments by making advanced diagnosis for images taken using MRI, CT scans and X-rays.

Thanks to advances in computer vision, relatively inexpensive devices are now able to gauge health from afar. Health monitors shown at CES 2020, an annual technology convention, will be smarter, smaller and wearable-free. For example, one company unveiled a new smart baby monitor, which uses computer vision and AI technology to track breathing rate, movement and sound. Parents can receive alerts when their baby falls asleep or wakes up and track sleep data over time via the connected app.

Farm to table goes high tech

Technology continues to be a driving force in agriculture as well, helping to monitor crops, predict and prevent issues, and assure larger, high-quality yields. In 2020, we’ll see more use of drones and AI technology to monitor and enhance crop growth. Indoor farming will be a new advancement we’ll see, too, with technology in development for autonomous farming systems that use insulated, modular environments. Tropical fruits may eventually be grown in Arctic environments, and stackable indoor solutions will be particularly popular in cities, where real estate is at a premium.

Scheduled for a 2020 release, smart appliances have been made that monitor stored groceries, automatically develop shopping lists, surf the internet to find the best prices, and suggest alternative ingredients. In the future, smart appliances are likely to bleed into the health services space. Consumers will expect their smart fridges and pantries to plan meals, balance macronutrients and point out dietary deficiencies.

Smart homes and businesses get smarter – especially for Softcom customers

Families and businesses can depend on the more and more devices emerging in the market this year to make their life and business run smoother and more efficiently. One big reveal at the CES convention that got lots of attention and laughs was when Charmin introduced Rollbot, a cute little robot that can deliver toilet paper on-demand.

All of these inventions in one way or another will rely on having a connection to the internet, something we’re proud to provide. Softcom customers can enjoy the benefits of our own 2020 advances using our newest technology, the Softcom Smart Router. With the help of our technicians, ranchers, businesses and savvy home internet users can create their ideal/custom set up including our Smart Routers to help identify issues more clearly and effectively without the hassle of bringing equipment in for testing or unnecessary on-site visits.