Pop-up shops are nothing new if you’re talking about sunglass kiosks in the mall or specialty chocolate shops at the holidays. But pop-up internet providers are a whole different ballgame. Before falling under the seductive spell of super-low pricing, it’s important to understanding how these start-ups work and what they can (and can’t) provide.

Pop-up internet companies are small start-ups that provide internet coverage at too-good-to-be-true prices, often in rural areas that have limited choices and resources. Their ability to offer unlimited data comes from short-lived agreements or loopholes that allow them to access and provide data for a short time using a larger company’s system (such as AT&T or T-Mobile) until they are discovered and cut off.

On one hand, these companies can provide high speed internet access at a very low price and without contracts – for a limited time. On the other hand, in addition to the fact that almost all of these companies end up going out of business within a few years, they do not have the experience, resources, staff, technical support, customer service, and “boots on the ground” experience that provides a truly seamless and stable internet experience homes and businesses require to function in today’s modern world.

Also, when it comes to “unlimited” plans, there are a lot of limitations not shared up front. Data may be unlimited, but speeds are not guaranteed. If you look at the fine print of your agreement, you might see that only a certain amount of data per month is guaranteed to be delivered at 4G LTE speeds. After you go over your 4G LTE cap, you are eligible to be downgraded for the remainder of your billing cycle with connections reduced to 3G speeds.

{For more details about this subject, see: The Hidden Limitations of Unlimited Plans}

Here at Softcom, we have the experience, infrastructure, and technology to bring fast, secure and stable internet connectivity to our customers without worrying if we’ll disappear next month or suddenly skyrocket your rates.

We offer all the things you want from an internet service company and nothing you don’t. We’ve been connecting homes and businesses to the internet for the past 20-plus years and you can count on us to be here for many more. As an independently-owned corporation, we have the freedom and flexibility to offer onsite support and customer service that you expect. Our local technical support teams get boots on the ground quickly when phone troubleshooting doesn’t do the trick. No other carrier in our region comes close to Softcom’s level of service and support and we’re proud to be the most trusted provider in our area.

If you want to know more about Softcom, or are a current customer and have questions about new local providers and how they compare, we are happy to help. Call our customer service experts at (800) 982-7675 or 1-(888)-4-SOFTCOM. Our technicians and support staff are people from our own community here in Galt, California and the surround area. We won’t subject you to long waits on hold listening to mind-numbing elevator tunes. Just real people who live and work in the same community as you and who will take the time to listen, identify, and find the best solutions for what you need.