We have been made aware that another company has been reaching out to Softcom customers recently and making false statements about Softcom’s state of business. This is a blatant attempt to falsely try to scare our customers into switching service providers.

These statements include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • Softcom is going out of business
  • Softcom “wants out”
  • Softcom “is in trouble”
  • (another company) is taking over Softcom

We want to be crystal clear:  these statements are 100% false.

>> Our company is financially sound.

>> We are not going out of business; in fact, we are in the midst of a multi million-dollar equipment upgrade to our entire network to be able to offer speeds of several hundred megabits per second to most of our service area. (In fact, we’ve been posting regularly about this on our blog and social media about new cutting-edge equipment, and the realities of what other pop-up ISPs actually provide when compared to us.

>> We are not for sale, we are not looking to be bought, nor are we looking for investors; we continue to remain locally owned and operated by the same owners for the past 25 years.

>> We have been in your community providing local service and support for 25 years. We stand behind our history, and we remain laser focused on bringing our customers the best internet experience possible.

As Softcom customers know, we are very open, honest and timely with all communication about our company, our services, and any news or updates that affect them. We have a very active blog and social media accounts as well as a local customer service team that answers your calls or questions immediately. In other words, you are always the first to know and you’ll never be kept in the dark or contacted by third parties about anything significant to do with our company.

Have you been contacted with this “false news” about us?

We would like to hear from any customers who have been contacted and told false statements such as described above as we are investigating this issue. Please contact us by phone at (800) 982-7675, option 3 for customer service; or send us an email with any details you can remember about false or misleading statements like the above shared with you during a marketing phone call about Softcom.

Thank you allowing us to serve you and for being a customer of Softcom.  We truly appreciate your business.