Twenty years ago, a lot of people were just starting to get comfortable making the switch from pagers to cell phones. Things like real-time video chats and self-driving cars were only seen in big-budget movies. Fast-forward to today and people are using phones, computers, tablets, and watches to connect with the world from their homes, schools, cars, yoga studios and coffee shops, all because of wireless internet. Twenty years ago, that might have sounded like a scene from the Jetsons, but today it’s not just normal, it’s necessary.

No longer a luxury, wireless internet has become a must-have for entertainment, education, healthcare, business, travel, shopping, news, communications and more. Wireless technology is advancing so quickly that experts predict that things like self-driving cars and smart cities will begin to reach the average consumer household in the next few years.

Beginning of the end for DSL and cable internet

The focus on development and deployment of advancing wireless technologies means that we’re witnessing the beginning of the end for fixed-line internet like DSL and cable. Cord-cutters are making the move from fixed internet to wireless in increasing record numbers. Younger generation “cord-nevers” are not even considering it, with wireless access for their phones and devices so readily available.

Fixed-internet’s data limitations are making it easy for people to make the switch in favor of easier, faster and more stable wireless with unlimited data capabilities and competitive costs.

Access to fast, stable and reliable wireless internet isn’t a scene from the Jetsons anymore, it’s fast becoming a necessity of life.

The best unlimited wireless service near me

Just because the technology might offer unlimited data capacity, don’t assume that all companies will offer the same. Softcom, headquartered in Galt, California and serving rural homes and businesses throughout Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties, stands out from the crowd by offering REAL unlimited data for its customers. No data caps, no overage charges, no annoying fees or hidden restrictions.

(See “The Hidden Limitations of Unlimited Plans”)

As technologies emerge and progress, here at Softcom we are committed to updating and adapting our network to meet our community’s needs and life’s demands for higher speeds and better connectivity. Personal experience and commitment to our community are the foundation of our company, and expansion and improvement is a constant at Softcom. We are continually reinvesting back into the company so that we can deliver the best quality service for safe, speedy and secure online access to the world and all it offers.

There are definite benefits to having our headquarters and operations based centrally where we provide our services. No long waits – in fact, most new customer installations and on-site services are scheduled within a week of inquiry. Need help? Just give us a call. Software fixes and upgrades are often accomplished remotely, within minutes, and without appointments.

The only thing you could say is old-fashioned about us is our approach to customer service and care. We do not outsource to countries on the other side of the world. Softcom technicians and customer service teams are, in fact, staffed by people from our local community who understand just what you need and how it affects your life.

If you’re ready to make the switch from DSL or Cable Internet to Wireless, or have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 982-7675 or reach out on our Facebook page, we’ll help you make sure you’re ready for whatever the future brings.