The Future of Watching Sports Online

People’s love of sports will never change, but the way they watch them definitely will. As many people are cutting the cord on traditional cable options, they are turning to on-demand viewing options for everything from the Olympics to the Super Bowl and in between. The future of watching sports is definitely changing, here’s what to watch for:

Viewers are turning to live streaming over traditional TV: According to Deloitte’s most recent “Digital Democracy Survey,” U.S. consumers are more inclined to stream entertainment from an Internet service than tune in to live TV. And internet-video services are valued more highly than cable or satellite TV among Millennials and their families.

Social media will become a new go-to sports resource: In the last year, video streaming services have overtaken live TV programming in popularity within American households, and that is especially true for younger demographics. Social media companies, with a built-in audience and viewers ready for more offerings, are scrambling to be the new sports source for cord-cutters. Facebook live-streamed many Olympic events last summer. And Twitter is broadcasting Thursday night National Football League games live online this fall, winning the bid to broadcast over Verizon, Yahoo, and Amazon. In addition to live streaming, the NFL-Twitter partnership also includes in-game highlights from “Thursday Night Football” and pre-game Periscope broadcasts from players and teams. (Check it out on

Fast, reliable internet access is a necessity: If you want to stream, stable, speedy internet is a must. The good news is that you’re already ahead of the game. As a valued Softcom customer, you can stream all the sports you want. And you don’t need to worry about exceeding maximums, or missing out on a critical play. Our network provides internet access to many communities throughout Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties, offering high-speed packages that support high-bandwidth applications, no matter how remote your home or place of business may be.

For more information on our service areas, check out our Service Area website page. To learn more about our company, our technology, and how we’re leading the charge to provide better, faster and stronger service for all, we invite you to check out this video on our YouTube channel.

Kristy CooperThe Future of Watching Sports Online
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Ultrafast and reliable access to election day results

It’s finally time to head to the polls and wrap up this election season. You may think you’ve had your fill of news coverage, school assignments, and waiting in line at Starbucks debates so far, but come the day of the election it’s a whole new ball game.

On Election Day, the focus of our nation will be fixed squarely on the latest results, exit polls, and commentaries from every media source, podcaster, and social media outlet available. In what has become the most unpredictable and nerve-shattering presidential race in recent history, the internet has proven itself an invaluable resource for political information. With the addition of alternative viewpoints, in-depth analysis, comedy sketches, fashion critiques, and a nonstop steam of off-the-wall insights you just can’t get in mainstream media.

Kristy CooperUltrafast and reliable access to election day results
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Free Streaming Opportunities for the Presidential Debates

For many of the people who have made the decision to cut the cord and ditch their pay TV services and turn to streaming services, one of the pitfalls they were forced to accept was that it wasn’t easy to be able to continue watching the large-scale events that were typically exclusively televised via the major networks and pay TV companies. In many instances, pay TV companies keep content which is being shown for free over the air behind lock and key to prevent non-subscribers from accessing events like the Olympic Games and 2016 Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Until now, that is!

Kristy CooperFree Streaming Opportunities for the Presidential Debates
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The secret for stress-free streaming

In today’s world of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other online resources for entertainment, audiences are dropping traditional cable and satellite, and turning to streaming for the freedom to watch what they want, anytime, anyplace. Streaming services are band-width hungry, though, and can use from 1 to 4 Mbps easily – per person! Finding the large amounts of bandwidth needed, however, can be difficult, especially if you live outside the urban areas where corporate carriers focus their services.

sadminThe secret for stress-free streaming
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