Softcom Internet – Freedom 50

Freedom 50: Tailored for Everyday Connectivity

Unlock the power of reliable connectivity with our Freedom 50 Plan, tailored for everyday users and small households. This plan provides a robust and dependable connection, allowing you to effortlessly engage in your daily online activities. Stay connected seamlessly and enjoy the convenience of reliable internet access for your everyday needs.

Freedom 50 Plan Highlights

  • High-speed internet service with download speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • Unlimited Service: No Data Caps, No Throttling
  • Priority Installation and Service
  • Reliable Redundancy
  • Local Sales & Technical Support
  • Discounted On-Site Technical Support Fee
  • Basic Continuity Plan
  • Revolutionize Your Online Experience or It’s On Us!
  • Exclusive Access to On-Site Workspace
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring & Support
  • Price Lock for 2 Years

Explore Full Benefits

Freedom 50 Plan: Tailored for Everyday Connectivity with Rural Internet, Urban Speeds

Discover the reliability of our Freedom 50 Plan, designed to meet the needs of average users and small households. With this plan, you can enjoy a stable and trustworthy internet connection for your everyday online tasks, all while experiencing ‘Rural Internet, Urban Speeds’. Whether it’s browsing the web, staying connected on social media, or streaming your favorite content, our Freedom 50 Plan ensures a seamless online experience you can rely on. Stay connected with confidence and choose a plan that suits your everyday internet needs.

Key Features:

High-Speed Internet Service up to 50 Mbps

Enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and video calling with our high-speed internet service. Experience ‘Rural Internet, Urban Speeds’ with Softcom.

Unlimited Service for the Digital Lifestyle: No Data Caps, No Throttling

In today’s digital era, your online activities should never be constrained by data limits. That’s why Softcom’s Freedom 50 plan is designed to offer you unlimited service with no data caps or throttling. We’re committed to providing a truly unlimited internet experience, empowering you to fully embrace your digital lifestyle without any restrictions.

Imagine streaming your favorite high-definition movies, hosting engaging virtual gatherings, seamlessly connecting a multitude of smart devices, participating in immersive online learning, or managing heavy data transfers for your diverse digital needs, all without a hitch. With Softcom, this isn’t just a possibility, it’s a guarantee. Our unlimited service allows you to use the internet as much as you need, whenever you need, ensuring your online experience is seamless and unrestricted.

But this is more than just a feature. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing you with the best internet service possible. At Softcom, we believe that in the world of digital connectivity, there’s no room for limitations.

Choose Softcom’s Freedom 50 plan and unlock the true potential of your digital lifestyle. Whether it’s for streaming, learning, gaming, socializing, or anything in between, we ensure your online experience is smooth, reliable, and unlimited. Because at Softcom, your digital lifestyle is our top priority.

Priority Installation and Service

We prioritize your needs, ensuring quick installation and prompt service whenever you need it.

Reliable Redundancy

Our network is built with redundancy in mind, backed by industry giants AT&T and Comcast. This ensures that your service stays connected in the event of a single fiber cut. This level of reliability is why major local employers trust us with their internet needs.

Local Sales & Technical Support: Experience the Softcom Difference

At Softcom, we’re more than just a service provider – we’re your neighbors. Our local presence in the community, marked by our 22,000 square foot facility and the region’s highest four-tier, 195-foot communications tower, sets us apart from the competition. We’re proud to bring ‘Rural Internet, Urban Speeds’ to our community.

Choosing Softcom means you get:

  • Local Advantage: Unlike other providers, our local presence allows us to deliver exceptional service and support. Our team of seasoned technicians is always ready to assist you at our cutting-edge facility.
  • Superior Connectivity: Our impressive communications tower ensures superior signal reception, broader coverage, and unmatched network stability. This means dependable and high-speed internet connectivity, even in challenging terrains or remote areas.
  • Personalized Support: We invite you to visit our facility during business hours. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions, provide technical support, or give you more information about our services.
  • Extra Mile Service: Need your router reconfigured? Just bring it to our office. Our expert technicians will handle it for you, free of charge. This is a testament to our commitment to ensuring your internet experience is exceptional.

With Softcom, you’re not just getting state-of-the-art technology and a local facility. You’re also getting peace of mind, knowing you have a dependable internet connection backed by a devoted team.

Don’t settle for mediocre service from providers without a local presence. Choose Softcom and experience the benefits of a provider committed to your satisfaction.

Make the switch to Softcom today. Experience the transformative impact of a local provider, delivering top-notch internet service tailored to your needs.

Discounted On-Site Technical Support Fee

Enjoy a reduced hourly fee for non-Softcom related technical issues, with a 25% discount off the going rate.

Basic Continuity Plan

We’ve got you covered. Our basic continuity plan ensures your connection stays stable and reliable.

Exclusive Access to On-Site Workspace: Your Local Solution for Business and Personal Needs

At Softcom, we’re more than just an internet provider – we’re a vital part of your community. As a Softcom customer, you gain exclusive access to our on-site workspace within our expansive 22,000 square foot facility.

Imagine having your own local co-working space, complete with high-speed internet service, available whenever you need it. Our meticulously equipped vacant rooms are perfect for your conference calls, video meetings, and other business or personal needs.

But that’s not all – we offer an exceptional 20-seat boardroom featuring a remarkable 30 feet high by 40 feet wide digital video projector. This state-of-the-art boardroom is available for rent during business hours, providing the perfect space for your important meetings and events.

Experience the convenience and versatility of our on-site workspace. Attendees can enjoy access to our cutting-edge digital video projector and Softcom internet connectivity. This exclusive benefit is available at a discounted rate for Softcom customers.

Discover the benefits of working in a dynamic environment designed to foster productivity, innovation, and collaboration. With Softcom, you’re not just getting a workspace – you’re getting a community-focused, high-tech solution for your business and personal needs.

Don’t just work – thrive. Become a Softcom customer today and unlock a world of possibilities for your business and personal endeavors. Contact us now to learn more about our exclusive on-site workspace.

24/7 Network Monitoring & Support

Our dedicated team monitors our network 24/7, ensuring a solid, uninterrupted internet connection for Softcom customers.

Experience the Peace of Mind of a Price Lock for 2 Years

At Softcom, we understand that financial planning is important to you. That’s why we offer a 2-year price lock on all plans for new customers. Say goodbye to worrying about unexpected rate hikes, as your monthly rate will remain the same throughout the duration of the price lock period, as long as your account is in good standing. With Softcom, you can relax and enjoy your internet service, without the stress of unpredictable bills.

Ready to Connect with the Softcom Advantage? Get Started Today!

We’re committed to providing you with the reliable service you’ve come to expect from us, and we’re always here to support your internet needs. Choose Freedom 50 for a tailored, everyday connectivity solution. Experience the difference of ‘Rural Internet, Urban Speeds’ and connect with us today.

Are you ready to redefine your internet experience? Whether you're delving into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), navigating the Metaverse, managing your social media presence, working remotely, using a VPN, running business applications, engaging in cloud computing, hosting video conferences, or simply managing a household full of devices and streaming TV/Video, we dare you to take the Softcom 6-Week Internet Challenge.

For 6 weeks, dive into the world of high-speed, reliable, and secure internet service that Softcom provides. Push the boundaries of your online activities and discover the untapped potential that the right internet service provider can unlock.

The best part? This challenge is completely risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied and don't see a transformation in your online experience after 6 weeks, you won't pay a dime. We'll come and pick up our equipment from your home or business, and you'll receive a full refund. That's our promise to you.

This is more than a challenge; it's our commitment to you. We're dedicated to providing you with the best internet service possible, and we're willing to stand by that promise.

So, are you ready to revolutionize your online experience? Don't wait – the clock is ticking. Take the Softcom 6-Week Internet Challenge today. Because with Softcom, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Experience the Softcom Difference: Your Time is Our Priority

At Softcom, we understand that in today's fast-paced digital world, every second counts. That's why we're committed to getting you up and running with high-speed internet service as quickly as possible. We value your time and we're ready to prove it.

Introducing our Time-Sensitive Installation Guarantee: If we can provide service at your location, we pledge to have you installed with new internet service within 3 business days. But we don't stop there. If for any reason we don't meet this commitment, your first month of service is on us. That's right, absolutely free.

Imagine the possibilities with our Freedom 400 plan. With download speeds up to 400 Mbps, you can work, learn, and play without interruption. And if we don't get you connected within 3 business days, you'll enjoy all these benefits for an entire month, at no cost to you. That's a potential savings of $200!

This isn't just a promise, it's a testament to our commitment to you. We understand the frustrations of waiting for a reliable internet connection. With Softcom, you won't just get high-speed internet, you'll get a provider that respects your time and values your satisfaction.

Don't settle for less. Choose Softcom and experience the transformative impact of a provider committed to your needs. Contact us today and discover how Softcom's Freedom 400 plan can empower your digital life. Remember, with Softcom, your time is our priority.

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“I’ve been a Softcom customer for years and I’ve always been impressed with the fast, reliable internet and great customer service. I highly recommend Softcom to anyone in need of high-speed internet.”

John S 
John S

“I switched to Softcom for my business and I’m so glad I did. The internet speeds are lightning fast and the customer service is top-notch. I highly recommend Softcom for all your internet needs.”

Mary B 
Mary B

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