What a year! Softcom’s best of 2019

What a year! Looking back, we see a year filled with drama, excitement, and accomplishments that made everyone’s life a little bit easier and a whole lot happier. Here’s a round-up of our best of 2019, we hope you feel the same way too!

Education & Entertainment

Connect, learn and grow is the theme for many of the articles and posts we share with our audience online. Educating our readers about technology and how it affects them always gets rave reviews from the community.

Protecting Privacy and Strengthening Security

Your security is top priority for us, and we do all we can to shine a light on current events and best practices to support safety and security online.

Steadfast Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

In a time where using the internet is such a prevalent part of our world, we are grateful to be the ones that our customers count on for fast, secure and reliable service.

Expanding Horizons

This year we set our sight on exploring how the internet transcends boundaries and gives us the power to explore our world – and beyond.

Did we miss anything? If you have anything about your experience with Softcom in 2019 that you’d like to share, or ideas for 2020, we’d love to know! Please let us know through our website contact form at https://www.softcom.net/contact/ or by calling (800) 982-7675 or 1-(888)-4-SOFTCOM.

Kristy CooperWhat a year! Softcom’s best of 2019

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